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4/29/2008 3:29:14 AM

Village's untitled Halo fanfic - Part 3

[url=]Part One[/url] [url=]Part Two[/url] Welcome to Part 3 of my Untitled Halo Fanfic! Names are still in the works, but so far, I'm considering "Halo: Sierra," as it fits the feeling of the Halo 3 campaign, and the story itself. Now, without further ado, Part 3! ---Part Three--- Cory sat in the back of a passenger warthog, fully clad in new armor, among a fleet of the vehicles fleeing the base. "Where are we going?" a young marine asked the driver. "Right now, all we can do is put some distance between us and the base." All they had been told was that evacuation was in order. Cory took a foot locker filled with weaponry from beneath the seat. Upon opening it, he discovered two battle rifles, 6 magnums, and two assault rifles. "We're on Tsavo Highway about 10 kilos east of Voi..." spoke the driver over his radio. Two more crates lined the seats. The 2nd, Labled "Heavy" contained a SPNKr Rocket Launcher, a Trip Mine, a Spartan Laser, a shotgun, 35 grenades, and 2 SMG's. The 3rd was labeled "Procured." It contained 2 plasma rifles, 2 plasma pistols, 2 needlers, 1 brute shot, 2 spike rifles, 10 spike grenades, 10 plasma grenades, and a strange grey cylinder with cryptic markings etched into it. Cory activated his helmet translator. "KSOVI" were the only visible characters on the cylinder. Two characters were missing. He picked it up. Without warning, two blue blades came out of either side. The blade melted part of the 'hog's flooring and almost cut a marine in two. "Dammit, watch where you use that thing!!" the marine shouted. "This must be an energy sword.." Cory thought. He had heard stories of heroic spartans using them for fantastic deeds. He stowed it away on his belt storage. He also armed himself with grenades, a shotgun, and a trip mine. They might run into trouble later. "Hang on, boys," The lead marine yelled over the roar of the M12's engines. "We'll run into heavy opposition this way so we're gonna have to stop by and hold fort at Voi. Several hours of sitting and waiting were redeemed when Cory woke up to see a vast plain. An empty lakebed, that had been half cut of the map. A large gap with a silver gleaming structure lay past the cliff face. "Holy Sh-" a marine started, but the driver cut him off. "...Shut it, marine. The chief has been through here, I see.... " he said, as he pointed to a pile of purple wreckage. Cory looked closer and saw the glowing green eye of a scarab and flinched. It was immensely intimidating. Compared to its picture in textbook-based training, it looked simply titanic. "We're in luck boys, we get to see the Admiral's bomb spree on this.... whatever the covenant are mining out here...." The crew piled out of the warthog and hiked up to a gargantuan structure overlooking the former beach. Shiva arrived, driving a gauss warthog, an hour later and noticed two missile pod turrets on their riggings. "I've always wanted one of these!!!" he yelled, sprinting forward to rip it from it's housing. The troops sat, waited for the fireworks show that was soon in coming. "Hey look, that blast door's opening. Probably some troops. You think the Chief's over-" A marine stated before being engulfed in a bright green light that pinnned him 10 feet up a wall 150 meters to the troop's right. Nothing was left but an 8 foot diameter crater in the wall. They jumped up in fright, and glanced toward the source of the beam. Two blue armored golems stood in the open doorway, spines ramped up their backs. Hunters. Cory quickly recovered from the shock and picked up his Shotgun. Before firing could begin, however, 10 purple drop pods fell to the earth in front of them. The doors blew open, as Elites clad in all colors leaped out and engaged the enemy..... ---End of Part Three--- Well, post your feelings on this part. This is where the story starts to get a little actiony. Right now I'm working on a little side story that will answer a few questions brought up in the few coming episodes. Stay Tuned!
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