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4/10/2008 12:06:13 AM

The Artifact: Part 15

[url=]Intro[/url] [url=]Chapter 1[/url] [url=]Chapter 2[/url] [url=]Part 3[/url] [url=]Part 4[/url] [url=]Part 5[/url] [url=]Part 6[/url] [url=]Part 7[/url] [url=]Part 8[/url] [url=]Part 9[/url] [url=]Part 10[/url] [url=]Part 11[/url] [url=]Part 12[/url] [url=]Part 13[/url] [url=]Part 14[/url] As they stepped up to the door of Halifax's fan club, Maraxus looked back at Spartan, "You should probably stay out here and stand watch. Halifax doesn't really like having strangers in his club, and I don't like surprises." Spartan looked at him curiously, "You expect trouble?" "I expect things to go according to plan," Maraxus replied, "But you and I both know that that rarely happens." "I'll stay out with him," Steel said quickly. "No," Maraxus muttered, "I need you." Steel shook her head, "I don't want to see Halifax." "But he wants to see you, and he'll be easier to deal with if he does." Steel closed her eyes for a moment and then nodded, "Okay." "I'll stay with Spartan," Nedus said quietly. "You don't need me in there." Maraxus nodded, "Fine, let's go." ------------ Shurporka smiled as he and Rampancy watched Yoozel ascend the hill leading to the exit. "We've made a powerful ally," he said quietly. "He'll be an even more powerful enemy if he gets his hands on Soffish and Ling-Ling's head," Rampancy replied. "He won't." Rampancy turned to him and asked, "How do you know?" Shurporka gave her a wicked grin, "He's not going to get Soffish or Ling-Ling's head. And Bungie will be ours." Rampancy's eyebrow quirked up, "Lofty goals for one so young." Shurporka ran his hand through her pale her, "I hope I won't be alone." Rampancy wrapped her arms around his waist, "You don't have to worry about that." She then rose on her tip toes and planted a kiss firmly on his lips. Shurporka lost nearly all train of thought as he fell into her warm embrace. However, one thing still remained prevalent in his mind. [i]Never let your guard down. You can't trust anyone.[/i] ---------------- Maraxus led Steel through the door and found himself immediately assaulted by the strong scent of tobacco. "I didn't think Halifax smoked," he muttered. A man by the name of Kamatzu heard them and laughed, "He doesn't, but everyone else does." "Where can I find him?" Maraxus asked. Kamatzu stood up and glared at Maraxus, "You can't. Only members can see Halifax." Steel stepped forward, "I'm a member." Kamatzu's eyes widened, "Diz, I--" "Call me Steel," she said sharply, "And tell me where Halifax is." "R-Right this way!" Kamatzu stammered. --------------- Spartan shivered as the wind whipped through his hair and wrapped his arms around his body, rubbing vigorously, "It's freezing." Nedus grunted, "Halifax just [i]had[/i] to build his mansion on top of the highest hill he could find. The sooner we get to lower ground, the sooner we'll be warmer." "I hope they hurry up then. I can't stand this." Nedus' eyes widened suddenly and he held out a finger to silence Spartan. Spartan immediately closed his mouth and looked out into the darkness. Suddenly a dozen figures stepped out of the darkness and into the torch light. They were dressed in drab clothing that seemed to blend in with the dirt. Their heads were wrapped in a long shawl that hid all of their features, leaving only enough room for the eyes and nose. "Who are they?" Spartan whispered. "Bungie natives," Nedus responded just as quietly, "They live on the plains of the Underground. Let me do the talking." "Good to see you Nedus," one of the hooded figures said loudly. Nedus nodded, "You too, Guscon." Guscon looked at them for a moment and then said, "We saw you on the plains. You look like you've been through quite an ordeal." "You could say that," Nedus replied slowly. "What is it you want?" "Soffish," Guscon said curtly. Nedus looked at him skeptically, "Why?" "The Underground is where Bungie was born. Soffish belongs to us." Soffish suddenly spoke up, "I will come with you, but only if the boy comes as well." "What?" Spartan and Nedus said together. "Trust me," Soffish muttered. To Nedus she said, "Don't let Steel come after us." "He can come if he wishes," Guscon said with a nod. Spartan stared at Soffish for another moment and when returned by her uncompromising glare he said thickly, "Fine." Nedus shook his head, "Soffish, I hope you know what you're doing." "I got you this far didn't I?" Nedus grunted and said bitterly, "We've lost a few friends on the way. I don't want to lose anymore." "You won't." ----------------- Kamatzu led them to a door in the back of the room and was about to knock but Maraxus pushed it open, pushing past the spluttering man with Steel close behind. The lanterns in the room clearly illuminated the man who sat on the bed, his arms wrapped around another girl. "Glad to see you've kept busy," Steel muttered. Suddenly the lanterns went bright and the man stared at them in outrage, "What in the--Diz?" His anger slid away when he saw Steel standing with her arms folded in front of him. "Glad to see you've kept your magic intact as well," Maraxus muttered. Halifax looked away from her for a moment to see Maraxus, "W-What are you doing here?" "We need your help," Maraxus replied. Halifax stared at them, blinking several times before he finally pushed the girl off the bed and said, "Go outside Cortana 5." Cortana's face turned to a pout, "Halifax, we were just starting to have some fun!" "Outside!" Halifax shouted, sending the girl scampering away. Steel's face turned to a smile, "Cortana? You sure know how to pick em, don't you Halifax?" "Diz, I--" "It's Steel, and I'm not here to talk about us." Halifax looked at her for a moment and then nodded, "Fine. What do you guys want?" "The Zanzibarians are free," Maraxus said bluntly, "And we need to rally the Flood to fight them." Halifax's eyes widened in shock. "Free? How?" "A Mod opened the door," Maraxus replied easily. They had agreed that they wouldn't tell Halifax anymore than they had to. "A Mod? Why?" "We don't know, but they're next on our list." Halifax looked down, staring at the floor as he took in the information, "And what do you expect me to do?" Maraxus laughed, "You know exactly what we expect you to do. Rally the Flood. Ready them for the war that is sure to come." Halifax shook his head, "If the Mods set them free, they won't help us. The Flood may be strong, but the Zanzibarians will overpower us by sheer numbers." "Not to mention the fact that they have spent their time in captivity learning to fight and use magic to devastating effect." Halifax looked at them flatly, "You're not really helping your case here. How do you expect us to beat them?" Steel gave Maraxus a questioning glance and he nodded. She removed a large bag from off her shoulder and opened it, pulling out the jar containing Ling-Ling's head. Halifax sat up straight, his eyes fixated on the jar. " found it? Where?" "That's not important. We have the three artifacts and will be ready to face the Zanzibarians." "You have Soffish and the sword?" Maraxus nodded, "We do." Halifax let out a low whistle and then stood up, "Alright, I'll help." He quickly grabbed a shirt and pulled it on over his head. He looked at the jar again and said, "Put that away, people here are proud of their magical abilities. It wouldn't be very good for you if they found out you were the reason they couldn't use them." "How come you can use them?" Steel asked. "Diz, my dear," Halifax said with a smile, "Haven't you heard? I'm Mythic. Achronos gave us Mythic members some special abilities beyond the regular member." ------------ Spartan rode silently behind Guscon, looking up at the moon as it shone brightly down on his face, wondering if he would ever see Steel again.
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