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5/27/2004 7:28:22 PM

Join the Death Ravens clan!

i hope i dont get in trouble for this... hello i would like to tell people about a new clan. the DeathRavens! we are looking for members, this clans goal is to become a large well known clan, a group of players known for their skill. we currently have 8 members but would like a whole lot more. If your interested in joining the DeathRavens or If you have any questions about the Clan please reply to this message. thank you -DeathRaven Clan Commander below is all the clan information, PS i know i spelled colonel wrong bare with me.  DeathRavens Clan Information Mission Statement: The goal of the DeathRavens is not only to be a popular and well known clan, but known as an elite group of gamers who are known for excellent teamwork. Also in the long run to make friends and a community of gamers. Values: Teamwork: The ability to work, communicate and execute in a chaotic multiplayer environment in a functional and effective team. Pride: To be confident and proud of the clan you are in and take pride in your position and rank in it. Be proud of your hard won victories and learn upon your losses. Loyalty: Not tolerating team killers or traders in official games. or committing such acts yourself Fun: having fun and enjoying the game and being a participant of the clan. Rank System: This clan has a rank system for the purpose of both leadership in a game or discipline actions on clan members who brake the clans values or rules, as well as clan maintenance and clan decisions. below the different ranks are listed.  class 0 Clan Commander: The clan commander, the head cheese. He can make any clan changes he wants at any time, and has the power to promote, demote, or kick out any member of any rank. This rank can only be relinquished to an officer level member. The commander can be booted down to Captain or Cornel with a vote by the active Cornels.  class 1 Officer Cornel: The Cornels control the discipline actions of their company. Each cornel gets its own company and a maximum 4 captains. A cornel can accept any new member requests and promote a member up to Platoon leader by himself. A cornel can also kick out or demote any member of rank Sergeant or lower. 2 or more cornels can demote or kick out any member of rank Captain or lower. A cornel can be appointed or promoted. officers or the clan commander can approve of a members promotion to Cornel.  class 2 Officer Captain: A captain is responsible for the pride and leadership of all under him, and of keeping his own combat and leadership level at its best. as well as organizing multiplayer games and keeping an eye out and reporting any mishap, or team killers to the cornels. A captain must also make sure the leaders under him treat the members as the members should be treated. A captain has the power to demote any member of Sergeant rank or lower by himself. captains can only recommend to a cornel for a member under his command to be kicked out of the clan.  Class 3 NCO Platoon Leader: The platoon leader or “PL” is responsible for keeping his platoon updated of Clan and game info. it is also his job to give help to any newbie or inexperienced clan member pointers, tips or training and to strive to make his platoon the best in the clan. A good platoon leader would have good communication to the captain at all times, and know his platoon’s call signs, and gamer tags like the back of his hand. The platoon leader has the power to issue color classes as well.  Class 4 NCO Sergeant: A middle rank that may have command over a few people in a squad size. A good player but may lack some leadership skill.  Class 5 NCO Corporal: A average skilled player. a member is automatically promoted to this rank if they had been in the clan for over a month, or if promoted by a officer.  Class 6 Enlisted Private First class: or “PFC” a member is promoted to this rank automatically if they have been in the clan for over 8 days. This rank represents also a on and off gamer who may take long breaks before playing a clan game.  (note this is also the main simple used for clan team games CTF ect clan colors are white and black) Class 7 Enlisted Private A starter and lowest rank to unskilled players, or members that have not prove their loyalty or skills to the leadership. Color Class awards: the clan symbol shows a different color depending on the member’s class or special skill. this can be awarded by a Platoon leader or above. The outstanding Job award is award to a member in an official clan game who showed allot of improvement or made the play that won the game ect. White: Basic infantry and starter or normal class. Green: Driver, or specializes in land vehicles Orange: Rockets or explosives Red: Snipers Blue: All around vehicle combat operators Light Blue: Aircraft dogfighters and pilots Black: Hand to hand and melee fighters Pink: Dirty tactics or Other specialty Yellow: outstanding performance Award Rules and guidelines: (Can be amended by Clan Commander ) 1. Be loyal to your team: Don’t purposely kill anyone on your team during a team based game. do everything you can to prevent any loss to the Clan in any official battle. 2. Respect other Members: Even though this clan permits free speech, please respect those ranked higher than you, as well as all clan members. 3. Don’t Fake your rank or class: this clan does not permit the use of wearing a higher rank than you are, or impersonating a member of a leadership position, or wearing a color class you have not been approved of. This is an offence that can result in being kicked out of the clan. 4.Don’t cause problems where there are none: a basic simple rule to make this clan the most effective, deadly, and organized clan on the net. there will -down the line- be immature members ect. but leaders a players alike should know when to show tolerance of other members they may not like.

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