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3/4/2008 7:25:10 PM

Great Forum War - Buster's Awakening.

This is a back story about the merc Buster Johnston before The Great Forum war. [url=]Great Forum War[/url] - GeneralJohn1031 [url=]The Light Chronicles[/url] - Rabid Snail [url=]The VK Chronicles[/url] - I_Hate_Babies Thse two stories above are also backgrounds for two main characters in it. I suggest you read them :). Main Characters: [u] Buster Johnston [/u] played by Cold Blooded Killa [u] Light [/u] played by A Rabid Snail [u] Von Keshner [/u] played by I hate Babies [u] General John [/u] played by GeneralJohn1031 Here’s the actual story. Plain text - Yo Shouting - [b] GET BACK [/b] Narrative/Flashback - [I] YO [/I] Thought - [b] [I] Get Back [/I] [/b] [B] CHAPTER 1 EVEN DEATH HAS A PRICE[/B] “Death huh?” “Yeah, this will teach ya not to mess with our sh - CRASH - “Taicho we got a problem here” [b]“WHAT! CAN’T YOU SEE I’M BUSY HERE WITH OUR PRISONER ASUMA!!!”[/b] “ T-t-t-t-ai-taicho, what prisoner ?” [b]“WHAT!”[/b] [i]Lights flicker on to liven up the room. [/i] The man now known as Asuma stood there puzzled as to why there was an empty space on the wall in front of him. The wall was a standard wall but what stood out from it was that there were metal clasp for hands to be held up In place. [b]“SON OF A -blam!-”[/b] Screamed the second man, the one known as Taicho. His mind was working at high pace trying to figure out what just happened. [i] [b]“How? He should be just here. He can’t have moved” [/i] [/b] [i]Just at that moment the lights flicked off leaving only candlelight.[/i] His inner thoughts were in turmoil right now as he went to address his subordinator, when he heard laughing ring through out the room. “Well , well , well you took your time noticing I was gone. The mans voice said out through the darkness, clearly amused with the situation in front of him. You could have tighten those shanks a little hard ye know, I think my arm’s asleep now jackass. [i]Just as that was said the lights flicked back on.[/i] Turning to where the voice was said they saw their target. It was a young man aged about 18/19. He had shaggy black hair and was dressed in what appeared to be a black jacket that went to his feet, combat boots, urban camo denims and what appeared to be some type of black chest plate that protected his stomach and above. “So you think your some type of ghost with that light -blam!- ya cocky bastard” replied the ‘Taicho’ . He seemed to be a male above 40 with a long black beard and short stubble. He was decked out in what was appeared to be an armour but looked like it would fall apart at any second. The young man beside him looked about 19 and was decked out In the same type of armour as the man beside him, only looking worse on him. “I’m gonna -blam!- destroy you” snarled Taicho “Oh you really think so” replied the youngster in a cold monotonic voice that held something behind it. “Yeah ya little punk” and with this said he went to draw a silver P99 pistol. “To slow” quickly remarked the man in the black coat and quickly reviled twin Colt M19’s,one black and one white and faster than the eye fired two bullets, one burring deep in Asuma’s head while the other pierced Taicho’s leg. [b]“AAAAARRRHHHHHH, YOU SON OF A -blam!-. MY LEG, MY -blam!- LEG.”[/b] Screamed the man clearly in hysterics. The other male calmly walked up to him and soon was towering over him. “This is payback ….. Gustav” replied the man in a quiet voice “Why Buster. [b]WHY? [/b]what did I do to you” Gustav was clearly sobbing now. “You know what you did, Recon scum.” “Please, isn’t there any other way out, I beg of you?” “Death is your only way out now” replied Buster with no remorse. [b]“HAHAHAHAHAHA THEN IF I DIE, SO DO YOU.”[/b] Buster just calmly raised an eyebrow at this comment. “This apartment is rigged with explosives and with one little slip triggers the countdown” smugly remarked Gustav. [I] -blam!- how could I have been so stupid. I knew these Recon spammers where all suicidal but this is extreme. [b] DAMN IT! [/b] [/I] While thinking this Buster calmly raised him gun and put Gustav to rest. With the deed done and the target executed. Buster noticed that the timer to the explosive’s hadn’t been pressed. [I]“Phew I thought I was -blam!- there, Lady luck’s on my side” [/I] He then proceeded to take a picture of the body to confirm status of the target. Doing this thought he accidentally nudged the body and the corpses left hand gently triggered the countdown. [b]“SON OF A -blam!-”[/b] Screamed Buster as he began running as fast as he could [b]“-blam!-, -blam!-, -blam!- there is no way I’ll make it down to the 1st floor.” [/b] thinking this he spotted a large window down the corridor in front of him and propelled himself towards it. 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... [b] BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM [/b] Buster got sent straight threw the window and landed on the roof of a Lexus. “Fuuuuuc-blam!- that hurts like hell man, sorry about your car.” And with that Buster proceeded to blackout only hearing Some……get……lance….quickly. With that his body fell lifelessly to the floor. [i] A young Buster was walking home from school “ Stupid -blam!- dumping me, bet she was a -blam!-. Huh what the?” His house was blocked off by forum ninjas and moderators. “Hey, let me past, I live here” said a confused Buster “SOMEONE GET THIS KID OUTTA HERE” replied one moderator “MUM, DAD” Screamed a scared Buster as he noticed his parents where being escorted out of the house with ban hammers pointed at them. “ Mr and Mrs Johnson, You are guilty of possessing Recon and trying to distribute it to the local community. You have broken one of the sacred rules and with your actions you are sentenced to death” replied a ninja that was dressed in black and had a weird symbol on his suit. As that was being done, Buster was sobbing and screaming hysterical but couldn’t say anything because he was being dragged away by a masked forum ninja wit his hand covering his mouth. There was one thought one thing running through his head [b] “RECON, WHAT IS SO SPECIAL ABOUT IT?" [/B] Later would he find out that the strange symbol was not of Bungie but instead it had VK marked inside it. The world didn't know what was about to hit them.[/i] [Edited on 03.04.2008 3:23 PM PST]
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