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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
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@DeeJ, I'd like to thank you and Bungie...

So i've been a fps type of guy since I played CoD 3, bought every CoD and battlefield since then, and I don't knwo what it is, I just can't seem to udnerstand how Destiny does what it does. 1. It has come closer to achieving team work type play style then any other game. This is because there aren't massive matchmaking games with 64 players all running around oblivious of their surroundings. 2. With the above being said, Destiny has pretty much eliminated greed. Most games like CoD and BF all encourage self achievement, which is great! but at the expense of their team mates. In Destiny, I never felt dissapointed to get an assist, because I knew teamwork was at the core of that single moment. No one's stealing kills or farming, everyone is watching each others back and helping one another out when they most need it. 3. You've created a really solid sense of security when it comes to progressing along with the community. By this, I mean that if I don't feel like playing The Crucible, I don't have to worry about falling behind level wise. I know that i'll be levling up just as much in exploration mode or doing other things such as raid. BF tried to do this with the unlockable guns in campaign that can be used for MP, but it wasn't the same. and Hell, it doesn't even seem that Treyarch even tries to make their games user friendly in anyway. 4. You actually made an app and a website that are worth exploring and fine tuning. I visit the Destiny site at least once a day to admin my Clan. 5. which brings me to my next point. CLANS. You did a FANTASTIC job with the clans! You succeeded where other fps mp games failed. Not even CoD could do that well. 6. My last point, and this is the most important one as well. You gave your gamers a sense of purpose. I've only felt that way when playing Skyrim or Oblivion, but no other game could do that. I don't get dropped blindly somewhere, I can go to the tower and figure things out with my clanmates, who are fantastic people btw. (Defends of Dawn....look them up!) Halo Reach kind of achieved this by giving us our own customized character to use in the story, which was really really cool, because all the cutscenes changed according to our spartans appearance. So you've done a fantastic job, you've really upped your game (pun intended) and delivered to your gamer community. Just like the good ole days of Halo. and I'm glad I get to see your logo fade into my screen, it's really a nostalgic feeling. When i got my first xbox 360 as a surprise from my parents, Halo 3 was the very very first game I got. In all honesty, I hadn't played the two before, and later i bought them and played through them. I'm glad i go to experience this game evolution. So thank you DeeJ and everyone else behind the scenes at Bungie, helping us create our own paths, and fulfill our own Destinies.

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