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8/9/2014 9:24:42 PM

Raid Matchmaking. Let's Settle This!!!

Yes I do want matchmaking in raids.


No I do not want matchmaking in raids.


The title really says it all here. I have read hundreds of replies on dozens of threads about this. Some people want matchmaking in raids. Other people are against matchmaking in raids. The one thing I have not seen is a legitimate poll on this. By legitimate I mean not loaded with one sided options. So that is basically what this post is about. In no way is this meant to be a ballet to convince Bungie what to do. Just trying to get an accurate poll of the numbers since it has not really been done. So what do you guys think. If you decide to vote it would also be helpful if you leave a reply stating why you believe they should either include or not include raids. I ask that we please keep this mature. If you don't agree with what someone posts provide a mature and logical reply, not just something like, "You are wrong because you are a noob." or, "You are wrong because you're an elitist prick." that stuff is in no way helping your side of the debate. Okay so I will get it started with my opinion on the topic. I am against Bungie adding matchmaking to raids. Please hear me out before you get upset and reply without reading my whole opinion. I really have no problem with MM as I myself will not be using it. I have been playing with a group of over 15 people since Halo 3 days so for me having 5 other friends to play with is no problem. I understand that some people do not have this luxury going into Destiny. You do however have the option to join clans, as well as make friends on these forums and during other portions of the game. I will admit for making friends in game to really happen Bungie needs to add in some type of chat system. Bungie has seen the feedback on lack of chat and hopefully will do something about it. I know what you are thinking right now if I don't have a problem with others using MM, and will not be using it, then why not just ignore the fact that it is in game. These raids are going to be extremely hard according to Bungie. They will take a long time for even the most coordinated teams to master. In matchmaking I guarantee you will have at least one teammate who is either not communicating, has his own agenda, or is just plain out bad. So now for you the raids have become even harder. I know, I know, if you won't be using MM why do you care that it will be hard for those who are using it. I care because once the people using MM begin to get frustrated from failing over and over again they will begin to complain to Bungie that the raids are too hard. In reality the raids are not too hard they just lack the proper teamwork to complete them. Eventually Bungie will likely give into the constant complaints and nerf the raids so that everyone is able to enjoy them. This has happened in countless other games, and is the number one fear of all the hardcore raiders. If raids get nerfed a week later you will see everyone and their mother walking around in legendary gear that is meant to be for those who have conquered the most difficult part of the game. That is why I personally do not want MM for raids in Bungie. Please leave your response and own opinions but like I said before keep it mature and respectful as I did.

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