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My first fanfic for Destiny, part two

As I cleared the next room, I found a weird looking crate up ahead. Ghost recognized it immediately and said, “A loot cache. Let’s see what’s inside it,” and I opened it. There was these little blue cubes that I now know is called Glimmer, I guess you can say it’s the currency that everyone uses. Along with it was a sniper rifle, and I was glad I found it, because I usually like shooting from afar. As I slung the sniper rifle on my back, since using it in a cramped space that I was in, would’ve been very difficult, I heard something cling to the walls in the hall ahead and Ghost yelled out, “Trip mines! Don’t touch them.” They were indeed trip mines and they shot a laser and if you touch said lasers, you can guess what’ll happen. So I navigated passed the trip mines and continued down the hall. I reached this open room with more enemies and there was a giant hole in the back which made me really nervous. So I started clearing out the room, taking out one enemy at a time and I soon cleared out the room under a minute. “The Fallen have a tighter hold on this place than I thought. Just a little bit further. Let’s hope there’s something left out there…” Ghost said. I hoped there was something on the other side of this wall too. I’m surprised the wall itself is still standing, makes me wonder if the wall of China is still standing too. Once I got outside, the place was a mess. “This is an old Cosmodrome,” Ghost said. “There’s got to be something we can fly out of here.” The moment he stopped talking, I heard howling and someone shot up a flare. At first I thought it was someone looking for me for assistance, but it turns out it was more Fallen. Suddenly that red orb of light appeared in the sky, just like before; it was another Fallen ship and flying towards my position. “Fallen ships! This close to the surface?!” Ghost said. I started running to the next big building just down the beaten path and I see enemies guarding the entrance, which gave me the perfect opportunity to try out my sniping skills. I grabbed my sniper rifle, got in a crouch position, and lined up my shot. I found it much easier to snipe than how it used to be. It was like playing a video game. I shot their heads, one after another until I killed a good amount of them for me to continue on. As I got inside, I found what looked like an incendiary grenade so I grabbed it and held onto it just in case I need to use it. “I’m picking up signs of an old jumpship. Could be our ticket out of here,” Ghost said. “Are there any more Fallen up ahead?” I said, but my question was already answered when I walked around the corner and saw more of them, including a Fallen Captain, standing on top of a jumpship; our ticket out of here. The ship itself looked old, like something you would find at a junkyard. It had a few missing exterior parts here and there, but overall, it was still holding together. “There’s a ship,” Ghost said, “Clear them out!” I started with the Captain since I thought; take care of the lead, the rest of the troops will be disorganized. He proved to be stronger than the rest. For one, he had some sort of energy shield that protected him from damage, but only for so long. The moment, his shield went down, I threw the incendiary grenade I had and let the fire do the rest while I took care of the rest of the enemies in the same room. Once the room was cleared, me and my Ghost took a closer look at the ship. “Alright, let me see if I can get us out of here,” Ghost said, as he was scanning the ship. “It’s been here for awhile. Hasn’t made a jump in centuries,” Ghost said, and that made me a bit nervous. “We’re lucky the Fallen haven’t completely picked it clean.” “Will it fly?” I said, having my fingers crossed. “I can make it work,” Ghost said. So he got in and started working his magic and watching the ship as it comes back to life. Once all its systems were back online, the ship started to level out. “Okay,” Ghost said, “It’s not going to break orbit, but it just might get us to the city. Now—about that transmit…” Just as he said that, more Fallen appeared and one of them was big; bigger than any of the foot soldiers I’ve encountered. “Bringing you in,” Ghost said. Before I knew it, I was somehow in the ship and it was taking off. I assumed that either Ghost was controlling it, or it was on auto pilot. “We can come back to them when you’re ready. Let’s get you home,” Ghost said, and we took off and left the Cosmodrome. And that is how this journey of mine began. My name is Chilly, and this is my story.

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