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That's Pretty Impressive

Honestly, it's amazing how many excuses you guys can come up with for Destiny Seriously, the faster we can admit that Destiny has flaws, the faster we can actually discuss the game Really, do you actually except this game to be [i]the best game ever[/i] or so good that you'll skip school or work for it?? I love Destiny as much as anyone (not you guys though) but honestly it's just a game The conversations you guys hold really worry me "Deej, please cancel his preorder. We don't want him to experience your epic creation" - some fanboy who responded to a legit concern Seriously?? You guys need to admit that it has some flaws No split screen? That's a big flaw "Modern games have no need for split screen" "Split screen holds the game back" Really? If Bungie had added split screen I can guarantee that [b]no one[/b] will be complaining how split screen is such a thing of the past No proximity chat Another big one With how much Bungie is emphasizing teamwork, you would expect a ways to communicate with others right? You're seriously very alone in the "social" world of Destiny "I don't want people raging through my mic" Then mute them Is it really that hard to spend five seconds to mute someone?? These features are optional You don't want them, don't use it They're easy to add but still You guys defend Bungie like they're always right And after the beta, there were obviously many features that we didn't like or didn't see "ITS JUST A BETA" I hate that so much We were a month from launch Did you really except them to add all your beloved features in? Whatever you saw in the beta, that's it From the beta to the launch is just to smooth out bugs or to fix up any technical problems And they really didn't try to hold back in the beta Don't try the "they blocked off a large percentage of the beta" thing "We're treating the beta as its own product. It's going to be big. We're throwing everything we got at this thing" - some interview with Bungie It was advertised as the preorder bonus and its own grand journey Honestly, it left a lot to be desired I'm not going to say what the beta failed at because every game has flaws I'm okay with that It's just the community coming to defending every mistake that pisses me off Now after the beta and you get more and more info, toy realize that the content is much smaller than you thought and that it doesn't live up to expectations You then try to push the problem away by saying "DLC! DLC!" "Private matches in DLC" "More planets in DLC" Seriously, the fact that there are DLCs in the first place is terrible The game should come with the full game Not as a disc with downloads later on Trust me, DLCs don't offer that much From what I've seen of Destiny, DLCs are likely to include -Couple of new missions -Some new guns and items -New maps Do you really expect this game to be all that?? And when you find a legit concern, you mark it off as a O/1O troll to avoid addressing the problem #Destiny is basically Praise Destiny No opinions That being said, I love Destiny It's a great game Not the best or groundbreaking but very good But this forum is very self defeating You post questions that you already "know" the answers to "Will there be/Will you do/Why would you Blah Blah Blah in Destiny?" How do you know what's going to be in Destiny? You want so much in this game that of course you're going to think that it's all included This is the same argument you use on people with concerns for the game "You don't know what Destiny is like so don't criticize it" Yet you go right back to daydreaming about your beloved features that you want in the game Once (if) you finally realize that Destiny isn't perfect, we can have discussion "Oh this weapon/feature/map/gamemode is lacking. What can we do to fix it?" Or "Oh man, this weapon/map/mission/feature totally sucks. Let's see what we can do to make it better" But there's none of that because you think the game is perfect Let's please come back to Earth and be real Thanks Edit: I'm not complaining about the game I'm complaining about fanboys defending it

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