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Join Me On My Journey To Become Best #1 Destiny Player On YouTube and Twitch + My Story + Art

As you have read from the title, I am a fellow YouTuber and I want to do something different. (Stay for the story!) Because Destiny is going to become a NEW game and which I believe, will become the game of the decade (So much EGGxaggeration... Get it? No? Okay...But I seriously do believe it will become the best game ever), I wanted to bring along one person from the Bungie Destiny Forums along with my friends and I. Although, I will be uploading very early game play and try to be the first to upload but my friends will not be there (Pshhh, I wish). You may be a YouTuber or not, so do not fear! Also, I will be glad to involve the person that I accept to do Live Streams on Twitch with my friends and I. I feel as if I will be very dedicated to this game, but of course, not always being too serious. When the BETA came out for this game, I stayed up all night and played it non-stop. So, I would like to involve a person that is: -Open. -Chill. -Dedicated to playing with my friends and I. (But of course, we're not going to take your life away and sell your soul.) -An XBOX 360 player. -Competitive at trying to be better than each other. Sorry Play Station players :\... Anyways, here is my link if you would like to see my YouTube (Yes... I have a 700 subscriber channel, I'm not famous) - Also, please provide your feelings about this game! Plus Gamer Tag! I will be willing to talk to anyone over Xbox. Story: STORY TIME. Well, as you all know, Destiny has a limited edition pre-order and when they mean limited edition, they mean LIMITED EDITION. Like, I have been calling every single Gamestop, Bestbuy, Target, and even Walmart. I especially want it from Gamestop, because of the added on specials but now I cannot because THERE ISN'T ANYMORE NEAR ME! Y U D0 DiS Bungie? Ahhh.... So, after calling all the many places possible to get the Limited edition, because I want the limited edition, I have convinced my parents to use their card and buy the limited edition off of Amazon. But, does anyone know if I will actually get it on the day it comes out? It does say for a 2 day shipping and if I want to receive it on the day it comes out, but will I really receive it on September 9th in the after noon? Or September 8th at like noon? It really is depressing. BUNGIE, if you are reading this. Please. Help. Me. And everyone else wanting the limited edition. Art: So, after waiting for the past week to convince my parents to buy it off my from Amazon, I have been making some new sliders, a possible destiny themed banner for youtube, and a Destiny themed background. 1. Destiny Background [spoiler][/spoiler] 2. Possible Destiny Banner [spoiler][/spoiler] 3. Sliders [spoiler][/spoiler] Tell me if you guys like it! And tell me what else I could also possibly make. Also, if you guys do like it, and would like the Destiny Themed Background for your laptop, I will edit this post (if I can) and provide a link on where to download it. I AM A BIT NEW TO USING PHOTOSHOP. I have a friend that would make me these things as you guys can see from the channel, but I thought it would be authentic to make it myself. I watched no tutorials, and if you guys can obviously tell, those are already made by Bungie and I made no personal art. For the sliders you can notice a Titan. That is my first ever Titan I have made on Destiny and I am proud. Made with the best maxed out gear for level 8 from the BETA. I got the picture from screenshotting my character from the Destiny app on my IPhone. Cool art huh? Of course I had to add my logo to the art so no one steals, and I will be taking it off. Well I also wanted to give the person that I will be accepting, some mediocre channel art for his/her channel. I would try my best. That involves even if the person I accept does not have a YouTube channel but plans on making one in the future. OHH! If you would like to join a clan, feel free to join the clan I made! Here it is - I hope you all enjoyed! ~STAY DEADLY!

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