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1 Hunter, 1 Knife, and 1 Unlucky Fallen Patrol

[b]This is the third chapter of my story that follows a Hunter who wakes up and exacts vengeance on the Fallen that killed his daughter.Here are the links to the first two chapters:[/b] [url=]Chapter 1[/url] [url=]Chapter 2[/url] They entered an old building, half of its walls were gone, but the fauna provided cover. He checked his radar as he crouched in the tall grass. The red dots had grown a lot darker from the last time he looked, and there were a lot more of them. He counted eight, no, nine signatures. That’s when he heard its voice through the mic in his helmet. “The way out of here is up ahead, but it’s crawling with Fallen troops. I’m counting five Dregs, three Vandals, and a Vandal Captain.” “Is that supposed to mean something to me?” he asked impatiently. “Dregs are the….” She started to respond, but he cut her off. “That was a rhetorical question. They all bleed, right?” He stood up and leaned his back against the wall behind him. The Ghost told him how he could switch the properties of his grenade, so he chose the swarm function. His heart was pounding. The blood ran hot in his veins. He had never killed anything before, he hadn’t even been in a fight. “Trust in the light of the Traveler, let it guide you.” The Ghost said in a soft, comforting tone. The light of the Traveler? What the hell is that? He shrugged it off, he didn’t have time to be distracted by imaginary space magic. After a few quick breaths he spun around the corner of the building, grenade in one hand, knife in the other. The darkness shrouded him as he sprinted the distance between him and the aliens that stood before him. He threw the grenade into the middle of their ranks, where it immediately split into dozens of pieces. After several seconds, they registered their targets and detonated on impact. At this point he was only a few meters away from the closest enemy. He focused himself and threw his knife into its skull. When he was close enough he grabbed the handle of his blade, and spun, ripping the blade out of its falling body. Four enemies still stood before him. They frantically fired into the night, smoke could be seen trailing from their wounds. He turned towards the next closest one and kicked on the boosters in his boots. In an instant he was right in front of the unfortunate alien, and slit its throat. He did the same thing with the next one, and threw his knife over his shoulder into the gut of another. The alien dropped its weapon and fell to its knees. He stood up, turned, and walked slowly towards it. His shadow was the visage of death itself. When he got there he squatted and gazed into the eyes of his victim, relishing the horror in its four, beady little eyes. He grabbed the handle and thrust it upwards, bisecting its torso and chin, and covering his armor in blue alien blood. Out of the corner of his eye he could see the green light of the Ghost racing towards him from the building. “What are you doing? There’s still one left!” the Ghost desperately yelled, but it was too late. Before he had a chance to think, he was blindsided. The force of the blow sent him reeling across the ground like a ragdoll until he eventually slammed into a wall. His whole body screamed in pain. He barely managed to prop himself up. Where had that come from? He tried to see, but his visor was smashed, so he ripped it off and tossed it aside. That’s when he saw it. An alien at least twice the size of the others stood before him. It was covered in white armor and a shimmering blue force field floated around it. This had to be the Captain the Ghost had mentioned. He cursed himself for being so stupid. His lust for revenge had blinded him, and now he was going to pay the ultimate price, death. Out of pure desperation he switched his grenade to incendiary and rolled it towards his executioner. It erupted in bright flames, but it simply crackled against the blue field that surrounded it. The Captain continued its approach, energy sword in hand. That’s when he noticed the blinking yellow bar in his HUD, and the light emanating from the pistol on his hip. Light of the Traveler, eh? He thought to himself. Guess it was worth a shot. With all of the strength he had left, he lifted the pistol up. At his touch it burst into flames. He could feel its heat, but it didn’t burn him. At the sight of this the alien stopped in its tracks and tried to raise its weapon, but it was too late. He fired the first round, which instantly vaporized its shield, and knocked it back a few paces. He took a second shot, but it missed, erupting a distant building into flames. This gave the Captain time to recover. It lunged forward and thrust its sword through his chest. The air ripped out of his body as he coughed up blood. When the Captain tried to remove the blade he grabbed it, the skin of his hand melting against its extreme heat. A bloody smile cracked across his lips. He couldn't miss from this range. “Wrong move,” he hoarsely whispered to his doomed adversary. The last shot tore a gaping hole in its chest. It stood there for a second, although the light had already left its eyes, and then fell lifeless at his side. The gun flames had now subsided and he dropped it to the ground along with his arms. He was starting to lose consciousness. [i]I guess this is finally the end[/i]. Memories of his daughter flooded his mind. He smiled. Maybe he’d finally be able to see her again. [i]Ella, daddy’s coming.[/i] The last thing he saw before he closed his eyes was the Ghost hurriedly scanning his body. [b]To Be Continued[/b]

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