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8/25/2014 6:52:58 AM

Match Making structure

Match Making: I am going to go out on a limb here and assume that a lot of people demanding this are commonly found to be MMO gamers who have their experiences rooted in current MMO games, not so much historic ones. I am also going to assume that most Console FPS diehards don't care too much for Match Making, because they're already apart of the existing system and understand how it works. With these assumptions aside, I will present you with the current structure and the expectation on the players. There is no Raid Match Making. Don't panic, if you do, you're doing it wrong. The system in place is pretty much the same as any major console FPS, you play in the lower tier random match making system, then PM the players you enjoyed gaming with to create a coherent group that can succeed for mutual gain. This is how friends lists are created, this is how clans naturally form within the confines of the game. Oddly enough, it's not that different from MMO's before raid finder was introduced. You needed to key up and usually you needed to find others who were trying to do the same thing. Either through spam or dungeon finder match making. This also had a huge impact on player reputation, because a trolling, game dumping loot ninja would eventually be black listed server wide. So, how is this going to help this game? Strikes... Late game strikes require functioning team play and a fundamental understanding of your class. By the time you hit cap and finish farming the end game strikes, for gear and experience so you're equipped and good enough to raid, you should have found players that you prefer to play with. You should be reaching out to them, you should be trying and fostering relationships. Effort. You can't get anything in life without a little effort. With this system in place, you will have a better fire team, experience and feeling than the other option. Why? Because you picked these people, you saw their skill and found value in it, you saw something you needed in order to succeed. It all ties into the structure that exists, from rep farming, pvp farming, strike gear farming, explore mode glimmer farming, event mode farming and character building (gear, stat, image, load out). You're required to invest in your character, not just in KD and bragging, but to the core empowerment of your experience. If you don't want this, if you want easy street, then you're asking to simplify and devalue an experience. You're taking away your personal investment in exchange for instant gratification. This does not lend well into a sustainable world, this leads to wasted and empty world. Class dismissed.

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