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Its Our Destiny... [A Fanmade Story]

Chapter One- And So It begins:[spoiler]It was the, average day in old Russia, blue skys, Fallen ships, explosives. I stood on the tower, thinking to myself "Why, why is this happening, the traveler, this 'Thing that has claimed to bring good has brought us dispair and suffering...'" Then I heard "Hey, Josh!" It was my friend, Greg "Hey man wat'ya doin? You know the raid attempt is later."He said. We were going to attemp the Vault of Glass st 5:00, It was 2:30. "Shouldn't you be getting prepared?" Said Greg. "Yea I was just up here thinking." I said "Well, what is it?" Said Greg "...I" I was interrupted but my ghost "Josh he's right, we should get going". Ghost and I were in the hangar "See ya Greg" I said. As I was getting into my ship I felt a large explosion beneath my feetI rushed outside when....... "MAC YOU MORON!" I said. Mac was the 'Scientist' of the group " Heh note- Next time don't try to mix a rocket and shotgun" "MAC You Idiot!" Said Greg "You just blew up part of the tower! What the hell were you thinking!" "Guys...?" "WHAT!?" "WHAT THE **** IS THAT!?" A projectile was heading right for us and 'Crash!' There was a heavily injured, Fallen, Dreg. "DREG! Wait, why would the Fallen only send one troop" I said. *Noises* "Mac, translate"[/spoiler] Chapter Two- A Fallen's Tale:[spoiler]"Mac, Translate" "One second" 'Static' "And..." "Hey Fallen, Talk. Where did you come from and why is it just you" I said. "They are comming..." Said the Fallen Dreg "They are more powerfull than you know..." "Who?" I said with curiosity. "I will not speak their names..." "Hey guys, I have an idea" Said Greg "Look you Dreg lets make a deal you give us the info and we'll patch you up. Deal?" "Wait What!?" Mac spoke "How can you even THINK of helping a fallen!?" "Mac, Greg has a point." "Alright, they are hollowed hive, as you probably know us Fallen and Hive are at war.The Hive captured me and a few of my comrades and try to trade us, but our captain was the only one they wanted. So when they took us back they would tortured us to get info on the army but we refused. Earlier today they decided to execute us, me and one of my allies manages to escape. He was also my brother, the ship was attacked as him and I were about to be killed. So as no one was there we were able to escape but he landed far from here. Then the pod landed here, you know the rest." "THAT WAS SO SAD!" I said. Greg, Mac, an I were raining tears. "Wait" Greg said. "Uhm... what is a hallowed?" *Facepalm* Mac, Dreg, and I did.[/spoiler]Chapter Three- Lets Get Going:[spoiler] "Ok so we should go kill those hollowed guys."Said Greg "Yes but we should go find some more people"I told him "Well count me in, I also know someone who can help." "Oh and what do we call you?" Mac said. "Call me Dreg" "Ok Dreg" Said Mac "And count me in too" "Ok we need to go now, hey Ghost?" I said "Yea Josh?" "Can you tell us where the nearest landing point is?" "Ok" Said Ghost. So we flew through the air and after about Greg singing, we got to the landing point. "FINALLY" I said. "Ahh, old Russia." "Ok Mac, where do we need to go?" I said "Well first we need to find the 5 gold chests, they contain powerful loot." So we were looking for hours like morons when... "Hey, guardians!" Dreg had found a chest that was locked. When we weant up to it... "Shiny...!" Said Greg. "Ok, Mac you need to unlock it." As soon as Mac weant up to unlock the chest we were ambushed by a band of fallen. "Ha! We got em!" Said the Fallen captain. There were five, four of them were Vandals and one was a captain."I have finally found you..." The captain said...[/spoiler]Chapter Four- Who Are You?[spoiler]"Who are you!?" I shouted. "I am the one who will take you to the Fallen commander I am..." The captain gave a look at Dreg. "Traitor..." "Hmm... I have a much more, interesting idea. Dreg, you come with me. As for the rest of you, ill drop you off at... Mars or Venus?" "VENUS." The three of us said "Ugh, Vex are alot weaker than Cabal" Greg whispered to us. There were two ships one took Dreg and the other took us. "Should we use our supers?" Greg wispered "No! If we do weel take down the ship and crash or float through space!" Mac exclaimed "Well then what do we do!?" I said "Hmm." We thought. "Ha! Your in alot of trouble you pathetic dreg."The captain told him "Why are you doing this!?" Shouted Dreg "Shh." The captain said, then he gave dreg a wink. "We're taking you to the commander for your punishment." The captain explained. The captain then stabbed Dreg "RAWR!" Dreg shoutd "Sorry but I gotta make it look real." The captain whispered.[/spoiler]Chapter Five- Blood Brothers:[spoiler]"What do you mean by make it look real, wait, you!?" Dreg said. Now back to us. "Well, this place is nice." Greg said "Hey Mac, how do we get outta here?""Hmm, interesting, none of my equipment works here. Mac explained. "Wait, so were screwed!? I shouted "Not completely." Mac said "But we do need to get out of this place first." So we needed to find a habitable area away from the vex. "Hey!" Greg shouted "How about this place?" "Hmm, wait, this looks familar..." I said. "Wait, this is... The Vault of Glass." Ok so back with Dreg. "You!?" Dreg said. "Yes brother it is I." The captain said. "I need to get you to Venus." "But why are you helping humans!?" "I signed a temporary aggreement with the humans so we can kill our hive captives" Dreg told his brother. "Hmm, alright, but I don't trust them" Said captain.[/spoiler]Chapter Six- Beyond Two Moons:[spoiler]Not finished[/spoiler]

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