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Difficulty Choosing Class

So, I played Hunter all throughout the beta, and am excited for the Bladedancer subclass, so I have access to invisibility. I've always loved sniping and stealth, as my name suggests, and I also like the look of the Hunter's armour the best. Something's making my decision more difficult, though - the Titan Defender. In addition to enjoying a stealthy type of gameplay, I also like to be able to protect my teammates, especially with a shield such as the Titan Defender's Ward of Dawn. I don't really want to create 2 characters, because I want to feel connected to my character. For me, I think having multiple would take away from that. I want to know, on day one, what class I want to play, because I don't want to have to go back and create another character. Yet again, I think that would somewhat kill the immersion. I'm torn between the two classes right now, and am open to any input. I'm a bit of an indecisive person... Note: I'm planning on playing PvE the [i]vast[/i] majority of the time. Edit: It seems like whenever someone suggests Hunter, I always want to say how the Titan might be a better choice because of *insert reason here*. It seems like my desire to defend the Titan class may be telling me that I prefer it...

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