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Hunters - Gunslinger (PvE)

[b][i]This is not meant to cause controversy but to just lay out an idea I thought was quite needed (PvE) [/i][/b] Ok, so personally I think a lot of people who played as a Hunter (myself included) can agree that we look at the gunslinger class as a class which is a single target DPS class while Titan and Warlock are based more on crowd control considering we are talking about striker and voidwalker with both there grenades and there supers having quite the effect in large groups, obviously. Now since the [b]second[/b] subclass was introduced to the hunter; (blade dancer) which caught a lot of people's eyes and makes everyone want to play as them due to the high burst damage it can do and how much sustain it has. Ive noticed nobody really wants to play as a gunslinger now because the lack of how well the golden gun does in PvE , even when you're focusing just on one enemy it usually takes all 3 of your shots just to down him that is if we're talking about a [b]Hive wizard[/b] [u]OR[/u] [b]Fallen captain[/b] (because of their shields considering it's full) now what I thought should be implemented is that the golden gun should have to chance to have a critical strike because you figure you'd hit them in a weak spot you'd do higher damage but that's not the case because even in The Devils Lair I feel like I should've had more of a presence in damage I put out against the bosses when I hit them in a weak spot and before you say it'd effect PvP if gunslingers golden gun was buffed someway it wouldn't considering [b]GOLDEN GUN IS SINGLE SHOT KILL IN PVP ALREADY CRITICALS WOULDNT MATTER.[/b] But yeah I just think that was just a flaw I saw and would have a big effect in raids when you have titans and warlocks more support based playing with you and you're looked at as the damage output I'd rather not be running in the middle of a firefight with a knife without expecting to go down like a sack of potatoes and playing smarter with the gunslinger class. But yeah that's all I have to really say, Thanks for reading. Try to keep it positive and give me some honest feedback whether good or bad!

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