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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
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Bungie - Destiny needs some work

[u][b]GAME CONTROLS AND CONTROLLER FEATURES[/b][/u] 1. [b]Use of the D-PAD [/b] Expand d-pad functionality and add controller button binding option • Ability to customise controls for D-PAD (in-game menu OPTION) o Quick switch primary/secondary weapon to second most used weapon or previous weapon – switch from secondary sniper rifle to shotgun without having to go to in game menu o Cycle through weapons without going to character screen each time o Ability to choose previously setup loadouts on the fly – close combat/assault/scout/long range setups etc. • In-game menu OPTION to bind emotes to one button HOLD down to bring up menu (i.e. press and hold UP on d-pad to bring up emote menu and navigate to desired emote through thumb stick similar to BF4) – imagine the amount of emotes that could be added! 2. [b]Utilise the speaker on the PS4 controller[/b] In game menu option (on/off) to stream Ghost’s voice and PVP commentator and voice prompt when melee/grenade/super are ready to be used 3. [b]Utilise the vibration features of controllers[/b] In-game menu option to turn on/off vibration feature or controller when hit with damage etc. [u][b]GAME FEATURES[/b][/u] [b]4. Loading times and screens[/b] • Time between going to orbit to tower to crucible takes too long • There should me a mini-game or ability to ROTATE//VIEW our SHIPS whilst travelling from area to area etc. [b]5. LOCAL SPLIT SCREEN CO-OP/MULTIPLAYER OPTION!!!!!!!![/b] • In-game option for those whom want to play split-screen co-op or multiplayer “I don't know how likely it is, but I'd really like to see some split screen from this game. Playing with friends is always fun and I think it would be good to have. Preferably, whoever I'm playing with would be able to use their own guardian while playing splitscreen, but I think it would be just as suitable if they were able to use one of the first players other guardians.” – fellow destiny player [u][b]GENERAL GAMEPLAY[/b][/u] [b]6. Reference map in explore [/b] • Real time reference map (as in game menu option to turn on/off to cater for those who want “true” explore experience) with a fog of war where it becomes more visible as players explore areas without taking away from the “explore” element. It is extremely easy to get lost and hard to determine exactly which direction an area is located – for example locating the rocketyard was very confusing as it requires the player to travel through buildings etc. Hence a basic map similar to the map in orbit or the map Ghost finds during a mission with the following features o Real time player location indicator (current location) o Location names and destination o Set destination option (waypoints) • Refer to image: [b]7. Improve loot indicator [/b] • Items need to be more readily visible through a glowing indicator/beam of light/arrow indicator/outline highlighted glow etc. for example – borderlands style with glowing/fading vertical lines on top of loot items refer to image: • In the alpha build items that players didn’t pick up were sent the postmaster, however this wasn’t the case with the beta build hence this feature may or may not carry to final release. [b]8. Bigger and better variety of guns[/b] • Larger variety of weapon types and add different weapon classes– for example: o Shotguns: pump action, semi-automatic, fully automatic etc. o Sniper rifles: bolt action, semi-automatic etc. o Rifles: carbine, assault, scout/marksmen etc. o Machine guns: sub-machine guns, light machine guns, heavy machine guns, chain guns o Hand cannons: machine pistols, revolvers, slide action etc. o Alien tech guns: special equipment, similar to Spartan laser etc. o Other: rail gun, grenade launchers, bow and arrow, something unseen and unheard of to shock the world “The story tell us that humankind spread across several planets, that we were quite an advance species at the time of the arrival of the invasion forces; so why have I only seen, pistols, standard shotguns (?!), assault rifles etc etc? It would be expected that in the future (and facing alien invasion even more) that humankind had more advanced weapons. Among them we could expect railguns (standard), laser rifles, smart ammo pistols, self-homing grenades, hunter-killer war drones, smart mines etc etc.” - fellow destiny player [b]9. Deeper customisation options [/b] • Player customization improvements o Deeper customisation options for character appearance o Ability to rotate character 360 degrees • Gear customisation improvements o The ability to change colour of armour through options or by earning different colours - similar to character appearance customisation options o Ability to rotate gear 360 degrees • Weapon customisation improvements o The ability to change colour/cameo of weapon through customisation options or by earning different colours o The ability to purchase (in-game with glimmer) different types of scopes for weapons o The ability to further customise scopes by changing crosshair type and colour o The ability to add weapon attachments to guns – firing modes, silencers etc. o Through continued use of weapon there should be a feature to allocate skill point attributes to upgrade particular attribute of weapon such as increase fire rate, impact, reload speed, reduce recoil etc. o Ability to rotate weapons 360 degrees • SEPARATE LEG AND BOOT ARMOUR • Add stats to weapon attributes [b]10. Increase number of players in fire team[/b] • Increase the number of players in a fire team to at least 6 players or allow multiple fire-teams to pair up [b]11. End of mission options (30 seconds until mission ends) [/b] • Give players the option to remain in area after mission ends [b]12. End of mission summary and stats [/b] • Summary upon completion of story missions and strikes (single and fire team) to include: o Number of kills per player o Number of headshots per player o Number of deaths/revives per player o Damage dealt (overall or to bosses) per player o Loot found per player o The player with the last shot at the boss o Class specific functions per player (eg number of shields deployed/supers/grenades) per player [b]13. Tower Improvements [/b] • Firing range to test out newly purchased or decrypted weapons – time consuming travelling back to orbit • More interactive NPCs that actually talk to give that RPG feel similar to this thread: [b]14. Super Abilities [/b] • Super abilities need to allow players to have more control with aiming, release, and ability to cancel super (press triangle to cancel or push thumb sticks in). eg. Hold buttons for upto 10 secs  aim  release buttons  boom [b]15. Overall Control Improvements [/b] • Whilst running the ability to turn corners and just turning in general is extremely slow – this needs to be speed up (even when sensitivity is changed). • The ability to rotate the view (upto 360 degrees) of ALL gear when being viewed • The ability to lean from cover • The ability to grab a ledge – jumping and coming short of a ledge happens all too often • More prominent damage arrow indicators • Ability to loot chest from any angle • Ability to shoot (hand-cannon) whilst on sparrow [b]16. Universe Immersion[/b] • Implement wild-life beyond bugs and birds such as mutated creatures that aren’t part of the hive/fallen/vex etc. I understand it is the apocalypse hence there should be some kind of animals roaming around (this could open up more vanguard missions – skin/scan animal etc) - the current world just seems bland and barren • The ability to explore the LAST CITY and interact with NPCS to give a real RPG feel [u][b]MULTIPLAYER [/b][/u] [b]17. Radar[/b] • Radar needs to be improved with real time map details and red position notifications only appear when players fire weapons – similar to BF4 [b]18. Game Lobby[/b] • Multiplayer needs to be simplified eg. game lobby where players have direct choice of game modes, maps (voting) and the ability to customise/setup weapon and gear load out before going into battle. [b]19. Score Board[/b] Score board needs to show both kills and deaths and should be visible both in-game (through touchpad) and after the PVP match. [b]20. Change voice of multiplayer PVP commentator [/b] The PVP commentator needs to be energetic, uplifting – similar to Halo or Unreal Tournament or DOTA commentator voices. [b]21. Balanced and realistic multiplayer combat [/b] eg. Reduce shield defence such that it doesn’t require an entire clip to penetrate enemy shields then finally kill enemies to allow players the ability to take down multiple enemies solo as it is currently extremely difficult to take down 3 or more enemies by yourself without being killed – similar combat system as BF4 [b]22. Game Modes[/b] • Sparrow race mode • hunter vs warlock vs titan mode [b]23. General Improvements[/b] • Ability to throw enemies off vehicles to steal the vehicle – similar to HALO • Punishment for leaving multiplayer games early • In-game communication/chat feature with the ability to talk with both people on friends list and others

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