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Forbes and their terrible reporting

I can't stand Forbes' article on Destiny, and more specifically the writer of this article (Paul Tassi). This is some of the worst journalism I've seen outside of fox news in a long time. To start with, he is lacking in knowledge on the entire game. Bungie has stated you'll be able to carry your characters throughout the entire decade long experience, something he is completely unaware of (even though this information is readily available on a number of forums along with legitimate sources). Next he claims Destiny is an MMO. Regardless of whether you think it is or it isn't, that is an opinion and a point of contention (despite the fact that Bungie has claimed it isn't an MMO). He passes this off as a fact that isn't even remotely debated. The rest of the article is purely his opinion, which is something absolutely any single one of us can give. They're guys on forums more knowledgeable, well spoken, and who are capable of setting their biases aside, than this dipshit. Sorry, I just had to rant. EDIT: he specifically calls Destiny an MMO in his video. At roughly 25-35 seconds in

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  • I'd say he hit the nail on the head about it being a beautiful but empty world. It's why I felt bored eight hours into the beta just "shooting aliens in the face" as he puts it. And he did not call Destiny an MMO. He said "that Destiny should consider viewing itself fully as an MMO, rather than a shooter series with MMO elements. I think they may be on that path, judging by how hardcore they’re going with raids, but I’m still not sure how things will play out when it comes to sequels." He was talking about what they should do for a focus with the $500m budget that Activision has slated for the game. He doesn't feel all the money was spent already. Move toward an MMO style game instead of beautiful but empty world shooter. And more story and side quests or mini games as evidently the Grimoire cards do little to add in depth to the world of Destiny, mostly they focus on skill trees and weapons. Do something to help liven up the world of Destiny.

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