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Talk about games other than Destiny. We don't mind.

Edited by Old Papa Rich: 8/13/2014 1:21:56 PM

So I sat my XB1 and PS4 next to each other...

After seeing the constant ball - aching and baby bitching on the forums about console wars, I had an idea. I made a pillow fort on my bed, so as to keep safe from what would ensure to be a maelstrom of blood and violence and then, I brought the X Box 1 from the living room and set it next to the PS4. I quickly dove into the safety of my pillow fort, keeping only a single eye peeping out to see what would inevitabley be the war to end all wars. It was at this time, the strangest thing happened. Nothing. Nothing at all. No punches thrown by the X Box, no guns pulled by the Playstation. They just somberly sat there in silence, not even a coarse glance exchanged between them. It was almost like...they didn't -blam!-ing care. It was at this point, I decided to play devil's advocate, jeering the X Box with snide comments taken from the forum's Sony fan boys and goading the PS4 with snark quips from the forum's X Box loyals, and still they stood in statuesque silence. Your idols themselves forsake your petty squabbling. Follow their lead as you so religiously follow their brand names. There is hope yet for peace among systems. I'm keeping my pillow fort, though.

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