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8/12/2014 4:02:04 AM

Short Story: Awoken My Purpose PART 2

Part 1 Found Here [url][/url], fellow Fireteam members story found here [url][/url] [b]Part Two: Duty, The Traveler[/b] Screams, panic and chaos - but this is chaos even I cannot control. We have been running for a few weeks now. I have killed more people and creatures in the past weeks then I have in my 6 years as a Peacekeeper. My little ones are cold, dirty and constantly scared. My wife is strong and determined, but even her resolve is starting to fail. However, her faith in me is strong. She believes that I will get them to the Cosmodrome in Russia, and to the ship that will carry our family starside and away from the Darkness that has struck Earth. We are close now, but the horrors that my children have watched me commit in their presence, in the interest of their safety, cannot be forgiven. The way that they look at me now speaks what they will not. They fear me. I pray, but my prayers sound hollow to me. I know that He guides me, He always has, but how can He do this? We have lost much, but we still have each other, and for that I praise His name. I blame the Traveler for this; they say the Darkness and the creatures serving it followed it here. The Traveler be damned. The world was collapsing around us, but we had made it. My blood stained hands and now twisted soul had cut a path to the ship we were now seated on. As a Peacekeeper, leaving Earth made me feel as though I had abandoned my Duty, but in my heart I knew I would return, though only after my family was safe. They said we were going to the “Deep Black,” traveling into space far away from the Darkness’ reach. Our ship, along with several hundred others, would be the first to travel that far out into the deep. As the ship threw us back into our seats and pushed us away from Earth’s now deadly grip, relief flooded my body. I had done it; as we rattled around in our seats my wife gripped my hand tight and kissed my cheek. My beautiful twins look deep into my eyes, the way they had done before the Darkness took Earth, and it was then that I prayed and my words felt full again. They did not survive the trip. Two months traveling in the same starship, unable to stop for fresh supplies, wreaked havoc on all of us. The ship was not designed for such a long trip without resupply and each planet that we passed was found to be overrun. Disease took them all to place I could no longer protect them. My wife was the first to be taken, as she slept beside me. My children were not so peaceful in passing, and of this I will not speak. God did not exist, and this deep in space it had never been more apparent. Broken though I was by bloodied hands and torn heart, suicide was not an option. I am no coward. That was when they found me, the followers of the Traveler. Warlocks, they called themselves, a small sect of warriors bound to the Light of the Traveler. They saw something in me, they said, and I told them that I had many questions. “Soon, you will know all, and you will understand your purpose,” the leader of the Order whispered to me. “Soon.” We changed... Deep in the Black I knew love again. Deep in the Black I found understanding. I will mourn my family 'til the end of this life, but deep in the Black I found purpose. Praise be the Traveler. Our ship made its way back towards the occupied parts of the galaxy. Our bodies no longer suffered as they once did. Disease no longer mattered; food was a luxury but no longer a constant need. I was headed home to help with the retaking of Earth. Some of our brethren did not believe that our home could be saved, and took refuge in the Reef looking for answers. During the long trip home, I studied constantly with the Warlocks that took me in as their own. I meditated daily on the teachings and inner workings of the Traveler and learned to harness its power. The closer to Earth we came the more our power, derived from the Traveler, grew. I studied from the Grimoires of the original leaders of the Warlocks, and their deep research into the Traveler itself. I spoke to the Traveler daily and it rewarded me with understanding. Earth. Warmth spread across my chest, and as I looked down at my robes I saw that it was a mortal wound. I had been fighting nonstop at the entrance of the Cosmodrome for days. The Traveler had granted me strength and power of which my previous form had never been capable, but I had felt as though it was merely the beginning. Now, I knew I would never know my full potential. I, along with countless other warriors, held the line and defended the Cosmodrome so that others could flee the planet. It was said that no other ships would fly to the deep Black, and as always there was a new form racism towards my kind, now called the Awoken. They do not know, they do not comprehend what we have come to know... such sadness they must feel. But that no longer matters; I will be with my family again in the Travelers Light... As I fall, I see an Exo soldier taking round after round and finding his own way into the light of the Traveler. My dimming gaze takes in a human soldier, a mountain of man, stepping up to take my place in the line. He marches bravely into the firefight, but loses his arm and then his life to many rounds from an overwhelming force. The Cosmodrome will fall this day, but my Duty is done and I am spent; I go now to my family who waits in the Light. I go willingly, with one final prayer for myself: “Traveler,” I say aloud, “Lover of souls, You hold dear what You have made and spare all things, for they are Yours. Look gently upon Your servants, forgive their sins and failings as well as my own. Remember the faith of those who mourn and satisfy their longing for that day when all will be made new again in your Light forever and ever.” Darkness. “Guardian... Guardian? Eyes up Guardian!” Pain, and a sense of urgency flood... my body, another sensation I haven’t felt in an age. I look upon my Ghost whose purpose, by the glory of the Traveler, I understand. But I find that it is the only understanding I have been gifted with. “It worked... You're alive! You don't know how long I've been looking for you. I'm a Ghost. Actually, I'm your Ghost. And you... well you've been dead a long time. So, you're going to see a lot of things you won't understand.” He is right, but one thing rings true in my mind, Duty to the Traveler. Its will be done. I know what awaits me should I succeed in my quest: my family. Should the Traveler pass into Darkness so shall my family as they are tied to its fate. I know what must be done. “This is Fallen territory. We aren't safe here. I have to get you to the City.”

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