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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
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To those with nothing better to do

Destiny Thoughts (Beta) (only played for about 10 hours, and did not travel to the moon) Initial experience: Let's get something straight before we begin, I've never really participated in a forum, but I'd love to participate in the destiny community. Before you yell "n00b" and throw metaphorical rocks at me, please note that I AM A TERRIBLE PLAYER. Okay, Let's start: I was immediately stoked as the beta opened on my ps4 (Xbox is cool too, we don't discriminate here.), and I was even more excited during character creation. I rapidly created my awoken male (hunter) and found myself immediately launched into a breath-taking world, just outside the wall. I played through the level the same as every average player, The controls felt right and the combat was lovely. I quickly found myself ecstatic, especially when I was forced to fight a few fallen to receive my jump ship. The Tower: Seeing my guardian in 3rd person was something I ACTUALLY cried about. The Model was so beautiful, I spent a while admiring my own gear. I loved checking out each vendor, sadly some of them raised a lot of questions (I must know, everything). each vendor had it's own currency and leveling system apparently, And I'll be maxing out each one.The design of the tower was perfect, and looking out to the last city made it more so, although, I wish it was easier to communicate with others around you. Story mode: Most game's in the fps or even some mmo's have repetitive and frankly boring campaigns. Destiny was completely different. Each story mission had a unique feel and I found myself growing attached to my ghost and guardian. I have a feeling the full game's story won't be enough for me, so I hope destiny make's my wallet plead for mercy with numerous expansions. Explore mode: This one get's a little sketchy. I generally LOVED exploration mode, but after exploring everything the side missions got really repetitive. To be fair though, one of them allowed me to fight a fallen boss that came out of a pipe with a huge gun. I had a great time beating it with MY huge gun. Finding hidden chest/areas was fun until I stopped encountering them, but I'm positive I missed a few. I personally loved watching the hive and fallen fight each other, anyone else? Public events: I thoroughly enjoyed these. To be honest, teaming up with a bunch of friends to take down a spider tank was the best gaming experience I've ever had. 'Nuff said. The Crucible: Where do I even start. Ah okay, my first game. I started a capture game as my level 8 hunter on shores of time. I soon realized snipers were not the best weapon to use. After landing head shots on my green tier sniper and not getting one kill, I gave up on trying. So I decided to run around and use my scout rifle, I did decent, but soon realized shot guns dominated the field. At last, I finally found my hidden op: GOLDEN GUN. Triples came way too easy with that thing. I personally feel like the crucible will be one of the least popular modes of Destiny, Explore mode and story were a lot more entertaining than running around killing fellow guardians. Nerf/buff(s) -Hand cannons (buff) -Scout rifles (buff) -Golden Gun (Nerf, Perhaps more recoil and smaller hit box on the shots) |EDIT| I have been more informed about the golden gun and am now aware this super does not need a nerf! Strike mission: Devil's layer was an annoyance to play, the boss was pretty awesome though. I just feel that fighting a few waves of enemies and eventually getting to a boss isn't as fun as it could be. Perhaps the enemies/boss can defend a rare item cache? I did play this one with strangers, maybe it would be more enjoyable with friends. Artwork/voices The environment of every location in Destiny was outstanding, I can't even imagine how much time was spent into adding all the little details that made this a post-apocalyptic sci-fi game. The voice acting was incredible as well. Peter Dinklage's robotic voice gave me goose bumps (In a good way.), and the speaker's voice is enthralling (Am I the only one who expects him to be corrupt?). Lore: Wow, The whole traveler going around helping civilizations was awesome. When Earth's golden age began and everything economical scientific boomed, best way to start a sci-fi game. I loved that ghosts' would search for the right person to partner up with made me feel special and I became attached to the game immediately. I'm gonna admit, I'm a sucker for lore. Final thoughts:Bungie really out-did themselves on this one. The game is easily a must buy, if you haven't already pre-ordered the game, make sure you pick up the game on september 9th. I know this was all fairly late, but thanks for the experience bungie.

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