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Raids: What you need to know

[b][u]What a raid IS[/u][/b] - Very difficult - demands strong teamwork and communication - an investment - extremely time consuming - requires extreme attention and focus - sometimes can be less fun than work [b][u]What a raid IS NOT[/u][/b] - Short - Easy to clear - soloable - carryable (meaning a couple good players can't carry a whole team through) - Something to decide to do on a whim - relaxing What Matchmaking encourages: - Lone wolf mindset - individual focus on individual gain - carrying - Leaving out of frustration or boredom Why Raids should not be matchmade: 10% of the time, maybe, you'll be able to clear a raid without advanced planning. Raids demand thought, planning, strategies, roles to play, extreme focus, and a LOT of time. Raids are not something you decide to do on a saturday because you have nothing else to do. Raids are something that you plan with other people in advance, planning out a strategy, assigning roles, and making sure everyone can communicate clearly. What matchmade raids eventually leads to: Matchmade players complaining about the difficulty of the raid because they tried X number of times and never cleared it. By the nature of matchmaking, there will be far more matchmade raids than there are normal, planned raids. Bungie sees this as the majority of their audience. Bungie decides to nerf raids to satisfy the majority. Raids stop being challenging for who they were designed for, and eliminate the most challenging, hardcore component of the game. Destiny loses replay value, more players will stop playing after the level cap because Raids do not challenge them anymore. If you want Raid matchmaking, that means that you want to play a raid without planning, without a strategy, without knowing who you're playing with beforehand, and out for personal gain. If this is you, you are not raid material. You do not belong in raids, you should not be allowed to raid. Raids are high-level endgame content designed for the players looking for an extreme challenge, not of individual skill, but of teamwork. If K/D is the most important thing to you, you are not raid material. If you're just looking for a few laughs and a good time, you are not raid material. If you think you can carry your team through a raid, you are not raid material. If you're a team player and focused, you ARE raid material. If you're serious about clearing the raid and have hours to spend, you ARE raid material. If you can play a role and stick to what you need to do, you ARE raid material. If you are a casual gamer, raids were not designed for you. That's a simple truth. Stop assuming everything in the game was designed just for you. "There's something in Destiny for everyone" [b]IS NOT[/b] "everything in Destiny is accessible to everyone" What people are complaining about would be like if you complained that Recon wasn't immediately available to everyone in Halo 3 (which many of you actually did). Recon was something to be proud of having, and not just anyone could get it. The same thing applies here. Raids are not things that anyone can complete: they're reserved for those with the perseverance to conquer them. They require a lot of effort, which translates in to why they require you to form a team on your own before going in to one. If you can't be bothered to seek out other players looking to do a raid properly, then by all rights, raids demand more effort than you're willing to put in.

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  • You need to ground your thinking in some reality. You're only hurting the games longevity with this attitude. Matchmaking would never affect you. As far as people whining about "Nerfing" Raids, please remember that most players will not even visit the forums. They might get a bump from the whole clan BS but the vast majority of people could care less. You also seem to forget that many people are still moving onto new consoles, some people switching console brand for the first time in 8 years. This is already a problem for a lot of people. Then there's the fact that, after almost a year of no AAA games being released, they're suddenly flooding the market this fall/winter meaning the player base will drop further as people move on to other games. That's the thing you really need to understand here: The amount of people playing Raids at the beginning is only a portion of the people who bought the game. The overall number will drop once the average buyer learns of the restrictions to even access the mode. The player base will drop even further once the other titles begin to drop. It's almost comical to think about what it will look like when games like the Division start to populate the market. The point here is the player base is only going to go down, not up. Restricting access to your game at the start is a bad business move if you want it to have longevity and continued support. Players WILL move onto other games that allow them to play the way they want, with the friends they have. It's absurd to think Luke Smith is the end all Emperor of Fun Gameplay Design and that only playing it his way (or yours) is fun and rewarding. Given Destiny's lofty goal of "a 10 year game" and Luke Smith's "We hope the gear is what keeps you coming back to Raids", restricting access in any way flies in the face of these two statements. It really doesn't matter to me, simply because there are tons of great games on the horizon and if Bungie decides to screw over longtime fans (Marathon on Mac) by restricting access to paid content, I'll move my money and support elsewhere. A lot of people will. And if you and Bungie are happy with only the "hardest of the hardcore" playing the game, then that's great. Maybe they always intended it to be a 10 year game for a small group instead of everyone who's interested in it. The only thing its doing at the moment is alienating long time fans of the company.

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