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A thank you to Bungie, from a guy with a brain tumor (Update 6/26/15) Good and bad news

June 5, 2016 update Holy crap guys, it's been a year since my last update? Man time has flown. So I'm popping in by request to give an update. It's been an interesting year to say the least. Good news first: My latest visit with the specialists was three weeks ago give or take. The tumor is stable and shrinking, down to ~5mm or so in size. Doc thinks 2-2.5 years more of medication and it'll be gone. Since it is stable, they are looking at other issues that are wrong with me. I should also (hopefully) have my disability approved by the end of the month. I am also 100% off insulin now. So my body is slowly healing. Bad news that isn't too horrible: Let's see... The missus and I separated last August. Thankfully it was an amicable thing. I tried to go back to work, but crashed and burned horribly, only being able to work 2-3 days a week isn't a good thing at a full time job. It was worth a shot though. I was diagnosed with AGHD, as my body apparently isn't making growth hormone. Like none. So I started shots for that on Friday night. Doc thinks that in a year or less, the shots should really start fixing a lot of my other issues with memory, focus, etc. It'll be nice to be able to explain stuff without losing my train of thought. I've spent about an hour typing this so far. The nerve damage doesn't look like nerve damage. I have a MRI on Monday to look at my C Spine, as the neuro guys think one of my many back injuries might have crushed some nerve fibers. Still, at least we know the nerves are functioning, just the pain signals aren't getting where they need to go. All in all though, that's not what I'd call "bad" news. I'm finally getting a lot of the answers I've needed for the last few years. It's only taking 3000 mile round trips to Seattle to get them (I'm in interior Alaska) but it's worth it. So the current med tally has gone down, but what is left is more specialized stuff. -Cabergoline 0.5mg twice a week -Testosterone Cypionate 80mg a week IM shot -Novotropin (HGH) 0.2ml shot daily -Metformin XR 500mg daily Thanks again for all the 'get wells' and wishes everyone. Honestly I'd forgotten about this until I got a message on xbox live the other day. Hope to catch you guys around and probably get shot in the face since I suck at PVP :D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Edit: Moved from #Destiny to #Bungie for a better fit. First off, it isn't cancer thankfully. Downside is that I have a lifetime of medication that I can never go off of. This is where Bungie and the Destiny Beta comes in. Truthfully, I doubt out of all the forum posts and emails that they'd ever read this, but I'm telling my story anyhow. I had my final exam for disability due to my tumor on the 22nd. To say I was a mess before going into the psychological exams would be putting it lightly. I haven't slept more than 4 hours a night since I lost my job back in February from being unable to work. When I got out of my four hour appointment, I had an email. Not just any email, but one containing the beta download codes for Xbox. The moment I got home with my wife, Destiny was downloading, and we spent the entire beta test ignoring my problems for a few days. It was nice to feel normal, even for a few days. Nice to forget all the crap that is going on in my life and let it all fade away into having fun playing xbox with the wife again. Nice to remember what life was like 10 years ago playing Halo when we were dating and life was a lot simpler. It was nice to know that even though I'm going through hell right now, that there was still some kind of hope. I got a letter in the mail this past Saturday saying that (even with the tumor messing up most of my function) that I should be able to work in some capacity to the point my disability was denied. Truthfully, I have no idea if we will be homeless or not when the full version of Destiny comes out, but that isn't the point to all this. My point is simple really. Thank you Bungie for putting something out that even in an incomplete state, it could help me forget the daily migraines, medication injections, and general hell that my life has been for the last eight months. That is something truly impressive to experience. Thank you Bungie for continuing to put out great content, and even if I end up unable to play the full version of Destiny, I wish you the best on the launch. Your staff deserves a round of applause for the great game they have created. In regards to the comments, details for my condition are in a comment further down the page. Thank you all for the well wishing. Normally, I'd go comment by comment and say thank you, but it is looking like I'd have a ton of them to go through. Thanks guys, and with a little luck you'll get to shoot me in the face in Destiny sometime lol.

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    So there were a few comments that were wondering if I was trolling or not. Honestly, the thought that someone might be enough of a jackass to try to scam or get attention like this didn't even cross my mind. I just took a photo of my denial paperwork, only copying out doctor names/phone numbers/addresses, that kind of thing. I have nothing to hide on this, and am not begging for donations. If I am asked to remove the GoFundMe link, I will. Fundraising wasn't the point of this thread anyhow. Honestly guys, in the very short time I have been on here, I have gotten more well wishing and get well comments than on forums that I've been a member of for years. It is absolutely stunning to me that the community here is incredible like this. If I were able, I'd say thank you to all of you individually. Since I can't do that, at least let me share some of my photos from living in Alaska with you. The link below goes to my deviantart page, where I have somewhere in the tune of 500 photos hosted. Some good, some shitty, but I still try to work a camera a day a week if I can. I hope you enjoy, and thank you again guys. [url][/url] Disability denial photo below, as well as self portrait from my nearly week long stay in the hospital this time last year. Hell, I'd rather have to deal with them thinking my pancreas stopped working and just being diabetic than deal with a brain tumor that causes me to need to inject insulin several times a day as well as hormone cocktails. Damn meds made me put on nearly 75# since last fall. I'm officially over 300# now and I can't lose it until they fix me. [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url]

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