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Stop it

Ok time to shed some light on this subject as it seems to be a popular topic. People claiming that hunters are useless, selfish, unsupportive, and whatever else these people come up with its honestly the dumbest argument ive seen on this thread yet. The Hunters background story basically tells them off as Lone Wolves or solo gaurdians who do whatever for thier own benefit. While that may be true it doesnt make them even the slightest bit of useless in team based objectives. First of all lets clear this up. NO CLASS IS BETTER THAN THE OTHER. Now with that being said if you want a team then dont pick from classes because everyone can wield a gun instead pick people for thier skills, experience, and availability because that comes before anything no matter what you are. Secondly, [b]In what MMORPG have you played that the dps class is supportive?[/b] if you havnt noticed hunters specialize in single target damage thier sole objective is to kill off single targets as fast and efficient as possible. So stop saying I feel selfish or hunters are kill stealers or whatever the fck people come up with because thats your job. Now we all know what the gunslinger is about but ive been seeing some negative speculations about the bladedancer. Such as: [u]Bladedancer is for pve only[/u] [u]Bladedancer cant do well in team fights because its melee based[/u] And other shit lol Wait when its released and your constantly crying on the forums because the hunter keeps stabbing your whole team in the back lol. As for pve crowd control, we dont need it. If your hunter is jumping in the middle of a raid boss and 800 enemies trying to slice shit then he needs to be kicked and rerolled. The bladedancer has various stealth abilities that can poof him out of almost any combat situation so it is actually highly effective it acts as the bladedancers survivability substitute for speed. [b]Note:[/b] I am not defending this class because I favor hunters. No because I love all the classes and plan on playing all 3 equally. Its just some of the stuff you people come up with is just ridiculously retarded and not well thought out.

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