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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
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[Destiny Beta Feedback Part 2: Crucible, Tower/Venders, In Orbit, Cinematics/Cutscenes, Weapons, & Races/Genders]

[b]E) Crucible:[/b] 1) This is by far my biggest issue with Crucible. Dying is way too easy. You can be one-hit-killed by: Rockets, Shotguns at close range, fusion rifles at close-mid range, snipers at any range, melee attacks from behind, grenades of all kinds, supers, the effects left over by supers and grenades, and let’s not even get started on vehicles! Also, three hits with an LMG or three headshots with a scout rifle will take you out too! My point is, the overall health for all classes needs to be increased. This will make staying alive a bit easier, it will make fights more varied, engaging, and worthwhile, and it will make the game more skill based. I feel if you change one thing about the Crucible gameplay (besides the vehicles obviously), this should be it. 2) A system for Quit Probation is desperately needed; 2v6 games are not fun, no matter which side you’re on! (I got to try out both…) 3) I know this has already been addressed but I’ll say it anyways, the vehicles in Crucible are terribly balanced! They are way too powerful, mostly in terms of damage not so much health, but still. This is definitely a make or break point for me with Destiny multiplayer. 4) Special ammo drops a bit too often. I think you guys have fixed this one though… 5) How about a “hints” system for multiplayer? Just brief little randomized blurbs at the start of missions. Experienced players might find it annoying but you could allow it to be turned off maybe… I think this would help a lot of beginning players get into the mindset more easily. E.g., many players didn’t seem to realize that picking up heavy ammo will give any teammates in the area heavy ammo too. So I’d be in sight of the purple ammo crate and someone would take it and leave none for their team, while the other team made sure everyone get some and put it to good use… 6) The experience gained from loosing a Crucible match is too little. It should definitely be less than if you win, but not that much less… 7) In Crucible, the Autorifle outmatched the other rifle weapons, and in general seemed too strong. More kills seem to be made with it than any other type of weapon. 8) Also, the Hand Cannon is nearly useless in Crucible, but see I-3 below. 9) The grenade throw distance is a bit too long; often I found my grenades going much farther than expected and missing the target by miles. 10) See K-2. 11) Turrets Bungie?! Really?! You know, if you have to add turrets to make the vehicles balanced, then the vehicles aren’t balanced. Fix the vehicles, and NO turrets. Period. 12) It seems that (at least in Crucible) there is a noticeable damage delay, that is, between when a shot seems to hit and when the damage from that shot is applied. Often I found myself dodging behind a corner thinking myself safe from incoming fire only to drop dead a second after I was clearly in cover. I found this to be very annoying. 13) No capturing points while in a vehicle! Bungie, you guys should know better… 14) Make the capture zones larger in multiplayer! I know they’re small so that the Warlock and Titan supers are more balanced but really they’re tiny! It limits defensive options. 15) There’s no visual difference between your team’s grenades and the enemy’s… It’s kind of annoying. I suppose it could be intentional on your part, but it would be nice to be able to tell if a grenade’s AoE ability is going to kill me or not… 16) On that note, why does my grenade ability harm me and not my allies? I’m not sure you can have it both ways… [b]F) Tower/Venders:[/b] 1) We will gain access to shaders before the level cap, right? Also, shaders should have a preview option. 2) Expand the available item selection at venders please! There should be a wide variety of things to by at any given time, not just six or so possible things that refresh on a very long cycle. The long cycling is fine, but venders need more slots for available items. 3) Will there be venders (perhaps of rarer items?) out in the frontier, perhaps someone who shuns the protection/control of the Tower? It would be kind of fun to come across a vender in the wilds, selling loot you couldn’t get anywhere else… 4) The gunsmith needs to have a (visually) larger variety of guns. I’ve already made a point about more actual slots for weapons to buy above; this is just a cosmetic thing. All he’s got are clone-stamped regular gray weapons! It just looks boring! 5) Could the Grimoire cards be accessible from the Tower? 6) Where’s the soccer ball?! 7) On the above note, where’s the dance club?!?! [b]G) In Orbit:[/b] 1) Bought a fancy ship, but no view of it while matchmaking for Crucible, just a black screen. Actually, this seems to be the default… Why? 2) Unless the unskippable spaceship cut scenes are actually loading screens in disguise (as I kind of suspect…), they should definitely be skippable. [b]H) Cinematics/Cutscenes:[/b] 1) In the intro sequence, the space capsule is moving way too slowly. You do know how fast those things get going upon reentry, yes? Not sure what you could do about this other than speed up that section, but it really ruined the immersion for me right off the bat. 2) Personal ships need to be significantly larger in cutscenes (I’m thinking of the Moon one where your spaceship drops you off). These things may or may not be single-person fighters but even those are much bigger than what you’ve showed! It was just so small it was silly… I think I actually laughed. [b]I) Weapons:[/b] 1) Names for weapons are a little meh… At least for the standard affair “bulletsheaths” we had access to in the Beta. I hope upper echelon guns will have much cooler names… 2) Shotguns are not melee weapons Bungie, make it do some damage at range please! I know ever since Halo 2 you’ve had this idea that the shotgun is nothing more than the counter to a sword or melee attack, but please! Give us options for a longer choke, broader firing arc, something! At short (not melee) and mid-range they should at least be able to hit multiple adjacent people… 3) Hand Cannon reloads in general are way too slow. You’ve given us a weapon with a very small clip, long time between shots, and a long reload? I could go make a piece of toast in the time it takes to reload those things… 4) Fusion rifle need a charge meter/indicator to show when it’s about to fire. Esp. since that’s one of the parameters that changes with each gun. 5) Are there more types of weapons you haven’t shown us yet? Regular, semi-auto pistols, other kinds of specials or heavies like a grenade launcher or railgun? The current selection is great, if uninspired. Your previous games had guns that shot homing, exploding pink needles; charged, shield-depleting balls of energy (also homing); high-damage, vehicle-slaying lasers; and green ricocheting radioactive rods. Not to mention the energy sword and plasma grenade. I’m not asking for a gun that shoots velociraptors, but something more unique than the current lineup. Fusion rifle’s a step in the right direction. 6) There will be weapons we can attach silencers to, right? Please? 7) “Thermal” damage should be called Solar damage, it just sounds better to me… [b]J) Races/Genders/Character Creation:[/b] 1) Can there be a few more natural hair colors added in addition to the vivid artificial ones? 2) The Finish button for the character creation screen needs to have a pop-up “are you sure…” window, ‘cause I made a mistake and you can’t go back and edit it… 3) Facial hair for human/awoken characters? Beards and mustaches would be nice… Wait, what about for Exos too… Robot beards, now there’s a thought… 4) Walking/movement animation (esp. when running) for the female awoken titan is a bit jerky. May not be limited to that race/class either…

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