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Possible solutions to the KD-ratio problem

I like the Kill:Death system


I think a Score:Death system is more accurate


The future is here. GSR! (description below)


[b]WELL THE MP TRAILER WAS RELEASED...[/b]and now I don't think it really matters any longer considering that the entire multiplayer offering seems to be deathmatch, deathmatch deluxe, no teams deathmatch, and deathmatch ++. I'm sure many others than myself are disappointed, but unfortunately now this discussion is a largely moot point. Thank you all for voting anyway, and you can see the original post below. (If you don't want to read the wall of text, although I would recommend it so that you understand fully, go to the "stop, my head hurts" section for easy mode answers.) [b]Percentage that like Kill:Death the way it is - 44% Percentage in favor of adding a score:death system - 56% (k:d would still be available for you to see) Percentage of score:death folks that want the GSR system - 61% (k:d would still be available for you to see) [/b] Descriptions for the poll options are below, and begin with the text [b]"POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS"[/b]; thank you for taking the time to read my post. [b]THE ISSUE[/b] It would seem that recently in these forums, as in most FPS games of recent date, there has been the problem of players disliking being measured by their kill:death ratio. This comes from a combination of issues: -When choosing among the available stats for each player, Kill:Death ratio is easily the most accurate indicator of skill. -Win:Loss ratio is seen as (mostly) useless to many players in team based games, because regardless of performance, it is [i]always [/i]possible to lose because of a team that performs poorly. -Because a high Win:Loss ratio is seen as a poor merit, whereas a high Kill:Death ratio is often seen as an indicator of prowess, many players will neglect teamwork, or even the game objective altogether, favoring instead to go on killing the enemies. [u]Why is this a problem? I see no problem.[/u] -When players focus on Kill:Death ratio, many don't even play the objective games at all. This is possibly why deathmatch game modes have been so overpopulated in most modern shooters, leaving the CTF and Territory modes all but abandoned. -Some playes intentionally pick objective game modes so that they can easily raise their Kill:Death ratio by focusing on kills when the others in the match are focused on another objective. This is a huge issue within the Call of Duty franchise in particular. -The players that wish to actually play objective game modes are matched with and against these people, who can [i]entirely [/i]ruin the experience for them. [u]But Gubzs, this is nonsense, less words please?[/u] -Kill:Death ratio makes players selfish -Kill:Death ratio makes many game modes seem like a bad choice to play -Kill:Death ratio can ruin non-slayer gametypes by promoting an incorrect method of play -Kill:Death ratio tends to punish players that favor teamwork and being "objectively correct" (See what I did there? I did a thing. Marvelous.) [u]That's a lot of big talk, I happen to [i]like [/i]Kill:Death ratios I'll have you know. Mine is 8.31. Get on my level, scrublord.[/u] -I like Kill:Death ratios too, mine tends to hover between 2 and 3 depending on the game. I know that's not as high as yours, but be gentle, I tend to like bad guns. -What I am proposing below are a few options that I think will make everyone happy, on both sides. [b]POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS[/b] [i][u]Solution 1 - SD Ratio[/u][/i] Also known as SCORE:Death ratio. This system would favor objective players as well as slayer players, and would entice a player to perform on a more objective level, while simultaneously rewarding skill, as it should. How does it work? Simple! Let's say that you get 300 points for capturing a territory, and 100 points for getting a kill. Ocassionally bonus points will stack up from headshots and multikills and killing sprees and such. Because most points in the game are multiplied by 100, we simply divide by 100 to get our ratio. Player A spawns. She runs quickly to objective C to capture it for her team. It gets captured, so she and her nearby teammates get 300 points each for helping. Unfortunately, she rounds a corner and is killed by Player B. Player B has spawned and rushed the enemy objective for kills. He has killed Player A and one of her teammates with a well placed grenade, but gets picked off by a Fusion Rifle as he attempts to make his escape. Player C camped at B with a scout rifle, he has intentionally not taken the objective because he doesn't want to die. He has since then gotten 4 kills, 3 of them headshots for 10 bonus points each, but he gets supered in the face because nobody likes a camper. Nobody likes you, Player C. Player A would have a SDR of 3. (300 points / 1 death / 100) - Despite not getting any kills, Player A has gotten a pretty darn good score, equal to someone that had gotten three kills and then died. Player B would have a SDR of 2.2 (200 points + 20 bonus for a double kill / 1 death / 100) - Player B is fairly well off, but did not do as well as Player A in this particular life because he did not get any objectives Player C would have a SDR of 4.6 (400 points + 60 bonus for three headshots / 1 death / 100) - Player C is still doing very well by getting just kills, but this is because Player C is on a spree. Player A has nearly caught up to him and hasn't even gotten one kill. [u] Gubzs, this is math. I'll have you know I've killed greater men than you for showing me their math.[/u] I'll simplify! (Don't break my glasses) -With this system, in Destiny, a player would get points equal to three kills for capturing each objective -You would get a bonus to your SD Ratio for headshots, multikills, and sprees -Getting the 'Hat Trick' medal, without [i]any [/i]other kills would get you a SD Ratio of 9 for that life! Sounds nice, doesn't it? [u] But Kill:Death ratios are easy... I know that 1 is average. Everything above 1 is good, everything below 1 is bad... [/u] -This is why we have another option [i][u]Solution 2 - GSR[/u][/i] (Global Score Ratio) This one is fairly simple, but it is definitely math. It does everything that the above Score:Death system does, except, that it knows what the average SD Ratio is for all players across all matches, and compares it to that number! For example: -The average S:D ratio from all players in all matches is 1.35 -In a match, your S:D ratio is 2.0 -1.35 is the average, so, just for comparison, if it were a kill:death, it would be exactly "1" -Divide your S:D ratio by the average S:D ratio.... (2 / 1.35) ... and you get 1.48 -Therefore, your GSR for the match would be 1.48, and the average GSR for everyone in the world would be 1. This would mean that in that match, you did 48% better than an average player, good for you! [b][u]Gubzs PLEASE stop this my head hurts...[/u][/b] Don't know which option to vote on? Pick Kill:Death if you like Kill:Death and want it to stay that way (The average KDR is 1) Pick Score:Death if you think Score:Death is a better indicator of player skill, but don't like the GSR for some reason (The average will be unknown) -keep in mind that your kill:death will still be there too. Pick GSR if you like Score:Death, but want the number to be easy (The average GSR is 1, the GSR system is the same system as Score:Death, but easier to read) -your kd will still be available, as will your overall GSR. Having a high kd will end up giving you a high GSR. Thank you for reading!

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