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Fourth Guardian Class Suggestion

Ok, so I'm a huge fan of mages, so I'm already going to main Warlock and love it, but since there will undoubtedly be guardians added later I thought I'd pitch an idea I had, called The Siren. This class would be the bard of destiny, with their first 2 subclasses being similar to the Warlock, in that one would be focused on offense while the other focuses on team buffing. Sirens are born when their ghost revives them, and the light effects their vocal cords, allowing them to create sonic frequencies unlike any other known life form, or to weave light into music to boost moral or miraculously heal non-fatal wounds. The people capable of becoming Sirens are rare, most not knowing they can achieve these feats until only recently. So the first subclass, the one you start with is called the Muse subclass and would be for players who prefer an entirely supportive role. The Muse's super is called Joyous Hymn, and increases team damage and accuracy, but reduces movement speed and reload speed, it can be upgraded later to reverse the original effects, increasing movement and reload speeds while decreasing damage and accuracy, and later can be upgraded to leave speed, damage, and accuracy all slightly decreased while increasing total health and recovery rate. The effects of the hymn would only last about 20 seconds and only reach out to effect team mates within a certain distance, and orbs of light would be generated by how much your team is helped. The second subclass is called the Banshee subclass and is the offensive side to the Siren. The Banshee's super is called Sonic Wail, and would be a sonic shreek spread out in a cone shape directly in front of the Siren, with an additional 2 foot radial pulse around the Siren. The amount of damage done by the wail would drop off the further away the enemies are but would deal massive damage to those at the epicenter. The wail can later be upgraded to sacrifice the cone dispersal to make it a radial blast with less reach than the cone, but slightly less damage drop off. The final upgrade lets the Banshee lob a sonic pellet forward that erupts upon contact with any surface, including enemies, and then creates an even smaller sonic blast with a radius of about 5 feet, with no damage drop off. All of the Banshee's super variants deal decent damage with a slight debilitating effect similar to the Titan's flash grenade but instead of blinding enemies it staggers them for a second, after which their accuracy suffers for a short time due to the intense pain in their ears throwing off their equilibrium, bosses would recover faster of course. The Siren's melee would be a kick, and special melee is a close range roar that staggers enemies. I had some trouble thinking of grenades to fit this class, but one of the grenades should use light to damage enemies and heal allies. The movement skill should focus on using small sonic bursts to propel the Muse upwards. The Siren will have the softest armor type in the game, silk robes that are more flowing and ornate than the Warlock's robes. The Siren's class armor would be amulets, but would be worn tight around the neck to protect the throat, some of the higher level amulets would even begin to extend down over the shoulders, down the back, or even up over the mouth. Well, that's my idea so far. Let me know what you think, I don't mind hearing constructive criticism, that's how bungie comes up with their ideas, someone makes a pitch and then they spitball it until it is complete. Update: Changed class name to Siren and subclass to Muse, because it makes more sense given the characteristics of each creature. I know it kinda buts heads with borderlands but oh well.

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