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Tales From The Traveler

[b]Tales From The Traveler Entry #1: Kestrel Tryst[/b] Reports had been flooding the extranet for days before The Collapse. Horror stories from the furthest reaches of the solar system. The Global News Network said there was "nothing to worry about." However Kestrel Tryst knew better than to trust mass media. Those fringe worlds didn't stand a chance against the coming tide. Her own investigations were turning up nothing. However being the clerical assistant to one of the worlds most respected scientists had its privileges. Kestrel was no more than a glorified secretary, but she knew how to throw her boss' weight around. Reaching out to a few of her employer's colleagues at the Jupiter Research Installation, Kestrel identified herself. By this point this was just a mere formality considering they all had the same employer. Requesting any information they had on the events reportedly happening on the fringe and this "Darkness" she had been reading about. She was promptly placed on hold while they compiled some information for her. When the video feed came back, the answer she received was more disturbing than she could possibly imagine. Blaring alarms, screams , confusion, blood. The last thing she saw before the feed cut out was a group of researchers running for their lives. Then, static. Kestrel wasn't sure what she had just witnessed. One thing she knew for certain though. [b]The Darkness is real. The Darkness is coming.[/b] Fleeing the office from where she had placed the inquiry. Kestrel returned home just long enough to hastily grab a change of clothes, a towel, and a little stuffed bear named Fuzzy. The bear was all she had left to remember her daughter Clarice, who had passed on quietly some years ago due to illness. Running out the front door of the apartment she abruptly stopped to take the last few remaining swigs of a vintage bottle of Jack Daniels she was given as a birthday gift. She placed the bottle on the table before taking one last look around. Deep down she knew she would never see this place again. Cross town traffic to the cosmodrome was simply horrid and quickly came to a grinding halt. Listening to the blaring horns and angry commuters, who were constantly thinking of new and exciting ways to curse each other out, Kestrel crept along towards the last shuttles boarding for the day. She surmised that between herself and the school bus behind her that should just about fill the last shuttle and then they would be off. She didn't care where she ended up. Just as long as she was gone before The Darkness arrived on earth. She had faith in the warminds, she just didn't want to be there when it got ugly. Kestrel couldn't shake the feeling of dread that was quickly overwhelming her every thought. Looking ahead she noticed she was at last nearing her destination. She looked in the rear view mirror for one last glimpse of home before pulling into the lot to board the shuttle. She didn't know when she would return. What Kestrel saw in that mirror made her skin crawl. Behind her the sky was quickly turning from clear,and blue, to black, and bruised. She was too late. The sky was filling with what she could only guess were drop ships of some kind, alien in nature, spilling their contents onto the planet's surface below. Swarms of them, blocking out the sky. [b]The Darkness approaches.[/b] Looking ahead Kestrel could still see blue skies, and the last shuttle trying to get everyone aboard quickly for departure. Her first instinct was to run. Run fast; run hard, and don't look back. Had she not looked behind her to those darkening skies, it would have been her best chance. However in all that chaos she remembered something. The school bus. Kestrel had to go back. The bus driver had fled, hopefully he had taken the kids with him. She wasn't sure why she felt this compelling urge to check, but she needed to make sure the children were safe. When she boarded the bus quiet sobbing could be heard coming from the rear of the vehicle and Kestrel could make out what looked like a very scared little girl. Curled up between two seats the sobbing girl was rocking back and forth. Cautiously Kestrel approached her. Remembering that she had brought Fuzzy with her, she offered him up to the little girl. Trying to gain a little trust, and calm her a bit, she told the girl that Fuzzy needed her to protect him, and that she needed to be strong. The little girl took the bear and gave it a hug. When Kestrel asked what had happened to the other children, the little girl said that they all ran. The little girl had watched all her friends get gunned down by the four-armed monsters that were starting to make their way closer to the back of the bus. At the front of the bus; with the monsters approaching the rear, Kestrel pointed the girl towards the last remaining shuttle. She gave that little girl the same advice she knew she would never be able to take herself. "Run fast; run hard, and don't look back." As the child took off running, Fuzzy in hand, Kestrel could see that their time was up. The four-armed monstrosities were training their sights on the little girl running for all she was worth. She had to act fast. The time for thinking and cowardice was long gone. If she accomplished nothing else in this lifetime she wanted to at the very least save this little girl. Grabbing her towel, Kestrel began waving it around and yelling at the four -armed invaders, while running towards them. She needed to create a distraction. Wanting to keep their attention off the little girl that reminded her so much of her daughter. It worked. The first shot ripped through her shoulder; whipping her body around and dropping her on her side. At least from this angle she could see the little girl. She watched her board that last shuttle, Fuzzy in hand. In spite of the tremendous pain from her wound, a smile crept across Kestrel's lips. One of the four-armed assailants, standing over her slowly dying body , stomped on her side breaking several ribs before placing a second shot in the side of her head. Kestrel died with a smile on her face despite her pain. Her final thoughts of a little girl, and a fuzzy little bear, escaping to the stars. Kestrel was already gone when that last shuttle took off. She never got to see it rocketing up from its launch position towards the stars. Thankfully she also never saw the wreckage of that same shuttle, as it was blasted back down to the earth in pieces. [b]The Darkness is here..[/b]

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