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What If... (fanfic about Traveler, Darkness)

The Traveler and the Darkness were lovers? They shared eternity, dancing between the light of the stars of the universe, complementing each other as Yin and Yan. Creation and Destruction. Birth and Death. light and dark. And this held true also for their relationship, as all good things must come to an end. The Traveller, tired of the Darkness's crap, one day told Darkness that it was "going out for some milk". Which wasn't an entire lie, as it made its way to our Milky Way (ahem). The Traveler, now free to act unopposed, decided to nurture this civilization called Mankind, and uplift them and help them reach their true potential. The next few centuries were wonderful for Mankind and the Traveller. Mankind celebrated a new age of exploration and discovery, while the Traveler essentially got to kick its feet up and get in touch with its inner light again. But Destiny is unavoidable, the Darkness always follows the Light. The Darkness was not happy at being abandoned. It felt anger and hurt and all of its negative emotions festered, until it was consumed with desire to make the Traveler regret it's leaving. Word of the growing "light" of the Golden Age created by Mankinds guidance under the Traveler made it's way to the Darkness. It would soon have it's revenge! Just as Mankind gathered and basked in the Travelers light, there too were creatures that cloaked themselves in the shadows of The Darkness. On such race were know as The Fallen, a once proud and noble species, now corrupted by petty desires and indifferences. The Fallen quickly brought destruction and chaos to Mankind! But as the Traveler moved in to assist its wards, there was the Darkness, united at last! Unchecked and unbalanced by its Yin, the Darkness unleaded it's rage and hatred upon the Traveler! The Traveler, without malice, held off the Darkness the best it could, to protect Mankind, give them a chance to survive as it wasn't their place to suffer so. In the conflict, the Traveler was seriously wounded, it seemed fatal. The Darkness, having released it's initial volley of negative emotions, retreated back into the black of the universe. This wasn't mercy. This was inflicted suffering, and the Darkness would return to stomp on what was left of the Traveler and it's legacy. The Traveler, with its last bit of strength, entered a state of stasis within the Earths atmosphere. It's Ghosts, setting about to do what it could not: Give Mankind a chance to defend themselves, and possibly, defeat the Darkness and it's zealots! [url=]Kobayashi Maru[/url]

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