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XBox One Clan Recruitment - Heavens Hammer [HAMR]

Hey guys, if you are interested in getting in on a clan that is starting out and looking to get serious - Heavens Hammer is a good way to go! We have some requirements to join, we are not going to be a hang out spot for idiot behavior, and we are going to have direction once the game launches. [b]Membership Requirements [i](v1.0, 04AUG14)[/i][/b] [b]Xbox Live Reputation:[/b] Must be initially reputed as a Good Player as displayed on your XBL Profile. [b]Kill/Death Ratio:[/b] K/D Spread must be greater than 1.0 [b]Proof of Skill:[/b] [u]Pre-Release:[/u] If possible, a search for your Gamertag will be done on [url=]Halo Waypoint[/url] to verify K/D spread, in the situation of not having a record for Destiny. [u]Post-Release[/u] A minimum of 25 on record PvP matches will be required to prove K/D requirements. [b]Time Zone:[/b] At this time we are only accepting players who are +/- 2 hours to the [i]Central Time[/i] zone. This is to facilitate greater interaction between members until there is need to have members operating across larger time zone differences. [b]A Brief Message Covering What You're Looking for in a Clan:[/b] This doesn't have to be any flowery request for admission, we just want to know what your personal goals and expectations are for joining a clan. [b]Maintaining Membership[/b] [b]PVP:[/b] Initial entry members will be required to compete in at least 8 matches each month [b]PVE: [/b] Members should strive to complete Destiny's campaign mode on the hardest difficulty [b]Raiding:[/b] Initial entry members will be required to complete at least 1 "raid" style dungeon each month [b]Maintaining the Good Player reputation on XBL:[/b] -It is required to be reputed as a 'Good Player' prior to membership. -However, if during membership, your ranking drops into the yellow 'Needs Improvement' reputation, a player review will be initiated and you will be expected to correct the behavior that led to the decrease in reputation. -A reputation ranking of a red 'Avoid Me' will result in immediately expulsion from Heavens Hammer. Re-admittance will be handled on a case by case basis. [b]Behavioral Guidelines [i](v1.0, 04AUG14)[/i] [/b] [b]Respect[/b] While we do encourage having fun and a competitive attitude, respect is expected. To both clan mates, and other players. Excessive explicit behavior will result in a verbal warning, and continued practice of that behavior will result in expulsion from Heavens Hammer. [b]Examples of Explicit Behavior[/b] *Racism *Sexual Harassment *Slander *Hateful Remarks *Other behaviors viewed by the clan at large as offensive and disrespectful. *Excessive profanity in forum posts, and grossly excessive profanity in party chat. We all swear, it happens. However, you are very much capable of choosing your words as you type and our clan will present a professional and courteous face to the community at large. [b]Be a Team Player[/b] *If you are a member of fire team, you are expected to work with your team. Running off and doing your own thing when you are supposed to performing a group activity is not acceptable (unless agreed upon by the other members beforehand). *If you have joined with another player requesting help for something, help them out. Do not hijack their group. *Destiny is just a game, if you cannot approach contention with an adult attitude, you should consider looking for a new clan. [b]Open Discussion is Encouraged[/b] By no means are we tyrannical leaders. Our clan encourages adult discussions and even respectful debate (within limits - i.e. not interfering with the game at large). Such topics include (but are not limited to): *Game strategy *Clan policy *Politics *Religion All in all, we are looking to build a fun, mature, and successful clan! We look forward to hearing from potential members! Message me or send a request in on the page if you are interested! -[b]Snakeobich[/b]

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