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Name Your Own Weapons (Community Ideas)





How amazing would it be if we could take our weapons to a certain store to change the name and possibly the colors? Let's see how creative the community can get. Tell me the sweetest name you got for a weapon, then tell me what weapon type you want it to be. I'll make a list of awesome names you guys give me, your username will be put down too, so don't worry. [u][b]HAND CANNONS[/b][/u] [b]An Angry Titan[/b] - "Wildfire" (Red & Silver, Targets Catch on Fire) [b]Dave[/b] - "The Judge" (Basic) [b]H0RSE[/b] - "Lone Justice" (High Damage, Fast Reload) [b]millerj2740[/b] - "The Mule" (Basic) [u][b]AUTO RIFLES[/b][/u] [b]Default Destiny[/b] - "Guardian's Intuition" (Void Damage) [b]DeltaKnight[/b]- "The Cactus" (Fires Needles) [b]IRIE ROBBER[/b] - "Auto Carnage" (Rapid Fire) [b]millerj2740[/b] - "The Perforator" (Basic) [b]Sintemaza[/b] - "Uncooperative Beauty" (Red & Gold) [u][b]SCOUT RIFLES[/b][/u] [b]IRIE ROBBER[/b] - "Cinder Scout" (Solar Damage) [b]Shadowstalker[/b] - "Wolfclaw" (Brown & Gold, Solar Damage, High Mag Size) [b]Sintemaza[/b] - "Dark Saint" (Jet Black & Gold) [b]Titan 118[/b] - "Riposte" (Basic) [u][b]PULSE RIFLES[/b][/u] [b]DeoxyNuclearAcid[/b] - "Aim For The Head" (Forest Green/Red Tribal Marks) [b]IRIE ROBBER[/b] - "Phoenix Pulse" (Solar Damage) [u][b]FUSION RIFLES[/b][/u] [b]BLOODWOLFS FANG[/b] - "Ravager" (Black, Red Barrel, Third Kill Gives Health) [b]SgtOceanus[/b] - "Deadly Attraction" (Forms Void Vortex , Purple & Silver) [u][b]SHOTGUNS[/b][/u] [b]H0RSE[/b] - "Eviscerator" (High Damage & Recoil, Low Mag Size) [b]kingwilliem[/b] - "Mjölnir's Judgement" (Arc Damage) [b]Kommissar Hades[/b] - "Mouthwash" (Basic) [b]OutHereInTheWild[/b] - "Horatio" (Basic) [b]Xark[/b] - "Blind Justice" (All Effects Equally Merged in One) [u][b]SNIPER RIFLES[/b][/u] [b]An Angry Titan[/b] - Lance of Longinus" (5% Damage Rise After First Hit) [b]Batman[/b] - "Bloody Mary" (60% Chance of Bullet Ricochet Upon Headshot) [b]Dave[/b] - "The Coriolis Effect" (Basic) [b]Psybernetik[/b] - "Abra Cadabra" (Basic) [b]Yungchung[/b]- "Judgement" (Basic) [u][b]ROCKET LAUNCHERS[/b][/u] [b]An Angry Titan[/b] - "Gate of Tartarus" (Explodes in Mid-Air & Spreads, Void Damage) [b]H0RSE[/b] - "Götterdämmerung" (Big Blast Radius, High Damage, Slower Reload) [b]Jojomew[/b] - "Peacemaker" (Basic) [b]SunnyZaBunny[/b] - "Planet Cracker" (Black & Red, Void Damage) [b]Titan 118[/b] - "Entropy" (Solar Damage) [b]Xv NiZzO vX[/b] - "Leviathan" (Snake Head Barrel, Black, Dark Blue & Dark Green) [u][b]LIGHT MACHINE GUNS[/b][/u] [b]An Angry Titan[/b] - "Verethragna's Will" (Cream & Gold, Solar Damage) [b]BL00D5TA1N3D[/b] - "Wargasm" (Black & Green, Rapid Fire, Solar Damage) [b]Ec1ip53[/b] - "Savior Machine" (Regenerates Health From Kills) [b]Jojomew[/b] - "Thunderstorm" (Arc Damage) [b]kingwilliem[/b] - "Stardust Revolution" (Solar Damage) [b]Xark[/b] - "Unstoppable Force" (Requires No Reload, One Full Clip) [b]XxInfamousPR0xX[/b] - "Guerrilla Warfare" (Basic)

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