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8/2/2014 5:26:43 PM

The Reality of Raid Matchmaking

I posted this in the regular forums, but figured it would fit better here. There are three sides to this. One side says: Raids are not something you can tackle with a group of random people. They require preparation, communication, and cooperation - things you won't get from a group of random people. People will rage-quit, drag others down, argue, and it will make for a weak experience, if it could even be called that. Just make a group to play with! The other side says: Realistically, I can't find five friends to group up with whenever I want. The people that don't want matchmaking don't have to use it; let me use it if I choose, because it isn't their problem. There is no reason it shouldn't at least be an OPTION in the game. If I want to take the harder path, let me. I know what I'm getting into, and again, it's my choice The third side is Bungie's side: Bungie has said the raids are going to be extremely difficult, more so "than anything they've ever created." Players eligible for raids are going to be people who have played Destiny for a very long time and have awesome gear. But on top of this, Raids are going to still require a lot of preparation, cooperation, and strategy by the 6-man teams. Right now, the reality is there is no matchmaking. When Bungie explains their raid(s), they say it's going to be insanely hard with a coordinated team IN MIND. To Bungie, matchmaking for raids is a bad idea; this is a fact. When they see people asking for matchmaking, to them, it COULD BE (emphasis on COULD BE) the equivalent of people asking for a Hell Mode where you start at level 1, and every enemy is level 20. But if you beat it, you get awesome loot. Impossible. If they put that mode in the game, people would be mislead into thinking it's actually beatable. Bungie would obviously never do that. The same thing can be said for Raids with matchmaking. But sure, put in a mode or option that could very potentially be of no benefit to anyone, and simultaneously taint the view of the game when it is "stupidly hard" and/or "impossible" to beat. Bungie isn't going to encourage people to play the game in a way they say isn't practical. Yeah, matchmaking for raids will give people the option to try the raid. Completing it seems to be a whole other story, and I say this because of what Bungie has said, not just my personal opinion. Matchmaking for raids may mislead people into thinking the raid is actually beatable with random people. If it really isn't, or practically isn't, they're not going to put effort into putting that feature in the game. They'll put effort into telling people to just find a group. They've already made this clear.

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