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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
8/2/2014 5:02:18 AM

Thoughts on the beta

I loved the beta and just kept playing, but there are some things that I wouldn't mind being changed, especially in a social context: [b]Proximity Voice Chat[/b]: In the Tower, being able to voice chat with people that are close to you would be very beneficial - having the volume decrease the further you are from your target would make it so that you aren't constantly hearing everyone. You could also point to someone to establish a direct link. During Explore missions, especially for public events and for hunt missions, it would be nice to basically say "Hey - I have this mission that people want to participate in. Feel free to join in for the bonuses." Also - it would be nice to actually be able to tell people that there is a treasure chest in a certain area. This should be limited to the current zone, where I have rarely seen more than 3-5 other people present. [b]Voice options in general[/b]: Give us the option for voices to be public, fireteam only, etc - options on both ends. [b]More Clan Options[/b]: Adjust the fireteam options to include clanmates, rather than just public, friends, invite only, and none. What's the point of clans if it's cumbersome to join up? An option to show all clanmates currently online would also be beneficial, especially if they aren't already on your friends list. This would also allow us to more easily add them as friends. [b]Automatic Fireteam in Strikes (and Raids)[/b]: If we aren't going to have more options for public chat, then the system should automatically organize the people in an individual Strike into a fireteam so that they CAN chat. [b]Map in Explore[/b]: This has been brought up on multiple occasions, but a map could be very nice, even if it only filled in based on what we've actually explored. [b]Larger Explore Mission Icons[/b]: As of now, they are a little small, which makes it more difficult to determine which ones they are at times. [b]Additional notification for items dropped by enemies[/b]: It would be nice if there were some sort of icon similar to what we see when we have to collect items for explore missions when an item such as House Banners is dropped. Otherwise, it tends to blend in to the background. [b]Go Directly to the Tower[/b]: The vast majority of the time, once I've completed my time in Explore or a mission or whatever, the first place to go is the Tower to exchange Engrams, check vendors, etc. An option to go directly to the Tower (X would be the most logical choice) would reduce loading in general. [b]SKIP CUTSCENES OPTION[/b]!!! The first time through, they shouldn't be able to be skipped. I understand that. However, subsequent runs, either on different characters or running it at a higher difficulty, should give us the option to skip the cutscene. [b]PVP Map Options[/b]: I wouldn't mind a "Favorites" type of option for PVP maps. Personally, I didn't like the Mars map, so it would have been nice to be able to exclude that one. An option for 2-3 "Favorites" along with 2-3 "Avoid" could prioritize your favorite maps, while limiting the frequency of the ones you don't like while not necessarily ensuring that you always get the same maps and never get the ones you hate. I understand that there would be people that would essentially memorize a couple of maps, but they already do. I can't help thinking that this would also reduce the number of people that quit out of a PVP match early. This would be a standing option so that it doesn't extend the matchmaking process.

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