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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
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Destiny BETA report card how did Bungie do?











Discuss why you gave Bungie this grade?

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  • WARNING!!! YOU ARE ABOUT TO READ A VERY DETAILED REPORT CARD!!! Overall I would give this game a B+ with the chance to jump to an A+ depending on what they do from here till the release of the full game. Below is my reasoning for this grade. Gameplay ( A+ ) - This game just feels great. Everything is enjoyable and the boss battles from the lvl 6 raid all felt pretty epic for a lvl 6 raid. Story ( B- ) - It might be too early to tell but I am not very impressed with the story at this point. Too be honest I am still not really sure what all happened in the Beta and I was very uninterested with whatever the speaker guy was saying. Not to mention the Beta was supposedly 10% of the whole game. Yes that's including the crucible but still we didn't get much story in the Beta for that to be 10%. I am giving Bungie the benefit of the doubt and not rating this section lower with hopes that they just didn't want to reveal to much in the Beta. Graphics ( A- ) - Nothing ground shaking here but still some very nice graphics. Also nice character, enemies, and weapon models. Music ( A+ ) - Bungie knows how to pick a great composer that is for sure. There were times in this game playing with friends where I asked them, "Is the action in this game seriously this amazing or is the music just tricking us into thinking it is?" that's how amazing the music is. Right on par with the Halo games. Multiplayer/Social aspect ( B- ) - This is another part of my grade that could make a huge leap if they make some improvements before launch. So why the low rating right now? Well let's first look at the pvp multiplayer. The crucible is not bad but it's also not great. However I am a die hard early halo fan before they started adding in armor abilities and load-outs (Halo 3 and earlier). But overall I did enjoy playing it and could continue playing it in the future. What multiplayer is missing is pvp raids. Add this and the grade goes up to a B+. So what's keeping it from getting in the A's? Well there is no social aspect in this game plain and simple. Unless you consider pointing, waving, dancing, and playing soccer a social aspect. If Bungie adds in proximity chat preferably through a console made chat pad that attaches to your controller that would help the grade. However they also need to enhance the number of friends you can play with when free roaming. Also once I see what clans can do in game I will be able give a more firm grade. If they do these things I would give this portion an A or A+. So I wanna give this game an A+ overall but there are still to many big things I need to see more about.

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