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Universal Communication (draft)







I was thinking that what those of us who don't want to play with mics and listen to 12 year olds need to have a system of communication in place so that we can all effectively communicate with each other between battles, such as after a part of the strike segment. I don't know about you, but I have a bladder and it gets full on occasion. So there should obviously be some system in place where you can let people know if you are ready to move on or not. This is a draft, if I get some ideas that I like I will put them into the final draft of communication codes. Some obviously important ones. 1) 'Wait a minute, I'll be right back': This is probably the most significant one, but I could be wrong. How do I let my teammates know I will be returning really soon instead of leaving for 20 minutes, because some people are inconsiderate, and can be counted on to do such things? Do I want to wait for this person to come back, or leave him behind, without knowing how long they will be gone. I'm thinking that the gesture/code for 'be right back' should be 'wave, then sit'. 2) 'I'm ready to move on': The opposite of the last one, this can be inferred by your teammates just running ahead. But if everyone wants to make sure their teammates are ready to follow behind them like a real team should, perhaps you could all signal each other to be sure that they are ready to move on so that you do not run into a boss battle by yourself and get pulverized. I'm thinking this gesture/code should be 'wave, then point', either pointing in the direction of your teammate or the objective. 3) Join my Fireteam/Invite me to your fire team: This is straight forward but I'm unsure if this should be one single gesture or two gestures. One is simpler, but then who is doing the invite? You or them? So I think that 'I'll invite you' should be 'wave, then dance' and 'you invite me' should be 'wave, then dance, then point'. Basically, 'wave and dance' being an invite to play together, and pointing indicating that you want them to add you to their fire team. 'Yes' could be either an invite to their Fireteam or a 'point and wave'. I suppose you could just try to add them and see if it works, but it is more considerate to ask first to not annoy people. I'm sure there will be people who will try to add anyone and everyone, but I don't necessarily want to play with just anyone so this could save the annoyance. The reason I am making the codes be two/three gestures long is so that people do not get the wrong idea if you just point or dance or wave or sit. A wave or a dance by themselves to not necessarily mean you want to communicate with each other. I suppose some communication could be done by using the analog sticks to nod or shake your characters head, but that only works for simpler conversation. What I am trying to do here is establish a few guidelines to help with more complex communication. If there are any that you think I am missing, please comment on this topic and if I like the idea I will include it in my final draft. I'm also hoping that people don't suddenly make a flurry of new posts on the topic, the goal is to have a set of universal codes for simple communication. It would deplete the purpose to have 50 different set of codes where nobody knows more than 1 or 2 of them. If I am lucky, this will be adopted and perhaps even built upon when the final game comes out. Thanks for reading and don't forget to share your ideas for my final draft. For the poll, let me know if you like the idea or not.

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