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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
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Bad Move Bungie on Raid

[b]Stupid move , Bungie! Really Stupid Move![/b] -Making a team and friends took at least few days or weeks just to get people join in! I remembered clearly when I was on FF14 to kill Hydra or Chimera that I need a stupid party just to play and there is no matchmaking. You know how long it took me to get that party ? 6 damn days to built a party which last only 2-5 hours! Just to play that quest I wish it not suppose to exist!! After a while, some quit, new come ! It be lots easier if: 1) You just [b]add MatchMaking[/b] and who ever leave will gain some penalty: Like 3 hour or more not able to enter Vault! I do not care how long you wanna penalize but longer should enough!Add to 1-3 player who want to quit during mission. Wasn't that more fair to others? No one ask to quit anyway! 2) Whoever leave , just enter with new one and join together to[b] play it like you did in Strike[/b]. You done well on Strike but poor in Raid!? WTH! 3) Sometimes stranger make better movement than friends cause everyone skill is different as tactical too. Used to have a friends played together , end up all die but when join with 1-2 stranger, they can kill better than us and without KO![b] " Look outside the window, you will find more idea than you look at the ceiling!!" [/b] 4) When some buddy got a good loots, [b]they will abandon you slowly. [/b]Good friends are most capable in betraying you like [b]Microsoft did to you!! [/b]You said that yourself and you still repeating your same history!? 5) [b]World time is different![/b] Have few friends from US and UK but time cant match up cause I live in Asia. Remember there is a time zone in this world! People plays in R1 or R2 or R3 doesn't make that person live in USA or UK !? 6) Beside to enter inside, we need lvl > 22 gear etc , why other cant join us!? Cause we all stranger and they not invite into this party?? [b]Stupid answers! [/b]and why you added matchmaking in first place in all other game type include crucible!?? 7) [b]You told us that this Vault of Glass is very challenging raid and long at least 3 hour with some bla bla.., [/b]so what the problem if I want to bring others than my friends to join in. If person wanna quit, just penalize them! When they are in Vault of Glass, they know what they do, they are not baby ! Even my daughter age 15 y/o know that rules! My baby used to be suck in FPS. She cant shoot straight, hide when others is shooting, being knife by others thousand times!!, but she have desire and passion is strong with her. I thought her sniping, teach her tactical I know so far and she spend at least 3-4 hour alone in EXPLORE just to train her sniper and if you see, among 891 kill, most were using sniper, knife hs and tab auto rifle. For you, hero is born but for me, hero is created. Every players is idiot and noob in first place but my question is [b]Are they forever listed as noob? Even they do have a great gear, go in without a brain install in head also a major problem to others![/b] Much more to go and[b] just leave an option to join via MatchMaking or with friend choice. [/b]You could made lots players happy that way and problem is solve!! Getting a good team is our problem now and not your problem! Trust me Bungie! Be a gamers yourself then you will know what we needs and this is not a demand but this is our need as gamers. PS: Pardon my English Dust cause that language is not my primary.
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