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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
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Hide HUD option / golden gun crits / visible ships in the hangar / challenge bounties and more

Greetings fellow Guardians, I want to share with you some of my small ideas to (maybe) improve the atmosphere a bit. [b]First[/b] I've to quote myself, because I already posted two things in another thread: [i]"An "overall damage done"-stat would be nice. So you are able to see, who actually puts some effort in the mission/strike/raid and who is just idling and waiting for the loot. Also makes it easier to report afk's. Oh and another thing i noticed is, that the Golden Gun was able to crit on the Devil Walker/Sepiks Prime (when you shoot it's legs/core/eye) in the Alpha, but now it doesn't do it anymore :-( Make it crit again!"[/i] [b]Second:[/b] An option to hide the HUD when you are taking a screenshot (PS4) would be appreciated. [b]Third:[/b] I can't actually know how the rewardsystem in the final release works, but in the beta you fought a boss sometimes up to 8 minutes but there was no actual reward. No Glimmer, no ammo. So why not spawn a small chest after a boss, which contains a random reward in form of glimmer or planet specific material. On earth it would be spin metal. On the Moon this helium thingy(?) etc. [b]Fourth:[/b] We all know the Hangar in the Tower, right? The Hangar should be bigger and show all 16(?) ships of the players currently visiting the tower. I think it would be a huge boost to the atmosphere, when you can actually see all the different ships when your walking through the hangar. If a player leaves, the ships flies away and a new one can take its place. [b]Fifth:[/b] Another cosmetic idea. Exotic weapons and armors should have (deserve) an expensive upgrade option which changes something like weapon sounds or stuff like that. This idea actually needs a bit more work :p [b]Sixth and last:[/b] A weekly challenge mode bounty for strikes. So once a week the bounty dude offers you a special challenge, gives you specific challenge mode gear (yes .. a bit like the challenge mode in WoW), depending on the task. Something like "Clean the Devil's Lair without using your Super (Super isn't available in this run). AND (important) those people queue from the bounty dude, so they don't ruin other peoples game experience, who are not playing challenge mode. (so challenge mode is always a queue on it's own). No reward idea though :< That's it. If you are still reading this crappy text, thanks! And sorry for my awful english. It's awfully awful! ;-)

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