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No Gaming August

[b][i][u]The Ultimate Challenge For Gamers.[/u][/i][/b] [b][i][u]NO MORE ENTERING, UNLESS I MISSED YOUR NAME. [/u][/i][/b] This is for the very hardcore Challenge Seekers. Entering ends the day it starts! You may play Mobile Games, Facebook Games, Things of that nature. Nothing serious; Console,Laptop, and Desktop. You [b][i][u]Cant[/u][/i][/b] play any Video Games! As in no Console Games,Laptop Games, and No Desktop Games. This will get us ready for any big game coming out the Following Month(s) and will be extremely hard. I [i]Dare[/i] you fellow Bungie Sons and Daughters. Do you have the Willpower? It's time to test yourselves! [b][i][u]I ask you to be honest and come back and update if you should fail.[/u][/i][/b] Good luck my friends. You'll need it. [b][i][u]Entrys;(157)[/u][/i][/b] Bodie, Itz OG DBOY, Mr babyface, Nemesis, Loftylion, Bmask, Rapier189, Facelessbushmen, HeAvY wEaPoNs 0, Firebandit60, Nassport, Scrib3, Washboat, xPuncher101x, QuicknSnappy, Zuranda, Ace1178, Calzy24, AcidViolet, Arctic_foxxy, DisablingApollo, FutureWarManPew, Packleader15, Theunknownmurc, Sims3k, Andvolf, Primefang, HASWA, Jinogre, Novacone11, Rahill, Pax, Harrybryant93, Alexa Kay, Laraelias, Night fury N7, UnCatchable, Goldwing2512, IGhost, thatperson, Crazyinsanity82, Gunslingerghost, Benigh THREE DOG, Boshek1, TheDesertRanger, Head Hunter7707, Glaced, RAPTUREWEREWOLF, JohnnyBravo, Cliffman22, Señor Rasputin, Apexinsanity7, Sixblade6, Generationsbest, CrAzYxXxPaNCaKe, LAST ASSASSIN64, Chief, Sephx, Slyboots16, xXSku11Xx, Razzmatazz115, Matoro, XxXconnerXxX458, Salvucci91, Noobs, COW GUY, Happy Hunter, Happyslab94, Mrowlcrunch, Yosh0926, Jash 62, T3H CHALLENGER, Clumsy Ninja, Py5cho 5partan, ChillOreo, EHDutch, DukeOfSwirl, GHOSTCROTCH, Y2 Remedy K7, AmbitionGaming, Poachers13, Lukas, ABeastNamedJoe, Will Reynolds, Tbnab, BoomSlangg, Trxpi, WTE WOLF, Blame Yourself, Azkul lok, Roc, MotleyC188, siR CaMps AlOT4, KaiDeadHeart, CaptainHurtes, Watching Giraffe, WhiteWolf, Wes, TheAwokenLegend, KingOfHearts1223, ChiefJDog, Haloninja744, N7Stryder, MrNinjaHitman, T0M1X, Atomic Penguin, The Last Nomad, Stomp56, Burracus, Stewie, HsomCokeSniper, xDeltaTeam6, TheClassyJester, The Halo Dude, Dracdarkcross123, Ryanrenfrow, VV0NDERBOY, Packman5000, Delight, Meta, PsychoMetal64, jjLCL, dragoneaster, ZX VALKYRIE, JubilantDayz, rytea, Terrorist taco, Shimmynarnar, Malachi7, BL00D5TA1N3D, Sambucuso, Ninjalynch, Taurochs, Vandal savage, Samdbox73, DeltaFrequency, DarthBane, Blureaver, Justin, Snipes458, Writtentub, Thatperson, oOxNightBladexOo, Copper, TrueProphet47, Oswick, Thel3igO, Sarah, Dylan JR, xillia 2, Zezoish, Ujurak, OptimalStorm, Hoshk, JAYJ121, Kurthnega, SafePhoenix, Zach rider, PsychoMech, [b][i][u]Failures(2);[/u][/i][/b] Bodie, Kozak411, Egroeg, [b][i][u]If you fail, PM me or post on one of my comments I'll make one just for the people that opt out, Good luck my Friends![/u][/i][/b] You [u][i][b]are[/b][/i][/u] allowed to watch NetFlix. You can [b][i][u]Handheld[/u][/i][/b] game though [i]no[/i] PS VITA's though! You can play 3DS's but only [b][i][u]One[/u][/i][/b] game!:) You guys are winning against the flood! [b][i][u]****Everyone! In order to find this again click this post, and click the star, or search "Bodie"****[/u][/i][/b] [b][i][u]*If I missed your name, Just PM me and I'll add it!:)[/u][/i][/b] [b][i][u]*Thanks, TheAwokenLegend for being the 100th person to sign up!*[/u][/i][/b] [b][i]kozak411 thanks for Being the first failure!:)[/i][/b]
#Destiny #bodie

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