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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny.

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I think we need smarter NPCs

I think we need Smarter NPCs as in. ( The Fallen going on patrols around the map. Instead of staying in one area so it's always the same every time you going in game. ) ( when a group of fallen See there commanders drop dead they run away or beg for their life. Kinda like the grunts in Halo.) (More battle strategies like flanking, suicide bombers and Calling in reinforcements last second.) ( funny or serious interactions kinda like the Brutes pissing on a rock or tree. and grunts teasing each other or commands getting ordered.) I think if they did that the game would be much more Interactive even if your character is not interacting with them. Seeing it helps a lot. Making you judge your morals. Kinda like for me when I play a game and I see NPCs acting innocent to their own culture in game, I hesitate on whether to kill them or not. Just a few ideas of mine.

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  • Yes. Overall AI improvements should be the aspect devs should be focusing on. Graphics are fine as how they are now and get that 60 fps. But for the love of god I wish the majority of devs would stop focusing on super large worlds, particle effects, and other features and just start making improvements on AI. As to your Fallen comment well I would still like them to be a bit more interesting but the lore behind the Dregs (2-handed Fallen) is that they do anything to show their worth. Explaining why they don't react to the lost of a Captain, they will throw their lives at the enemy if it comes out for them to become more. But maybe instead of running in terror when a Captain dies it would be cool to see perhaps a Dreg then stepping up in the middle of the fight ordering the others and perhaps maybe even conflict with each other so they can have the glory.

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