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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
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Boss Battles, Jump Ships, and Customization

While my overall experience in Destiny was great, I found two areas that seem to be lacking. The first one being Boss Battles. The Devil Walker was not fun... at all. The enemies were just stationary and it was rather easy to complete. My Suggestion would be to have the enemies come after you and try and flank you or just push straight up front at you or something. Something that has to make me traverse the map and change my play style and constantly keep me on my feet. Rather than just sitting in one spot shooting the bullet sponge of a boss at a distance until it dies. Also make killing the boss more dynamic by making it to where you can only do damage after doing a certain action Maybe make it to where you have to shoot off the armor on the legs before you can do damage. Same with that giant orb thing. I loved how it teleported around the map, but killing it was super easy if you just peaked out of cover. This part was actually still a challenge because the enemies did come after you somewhat which made it more fun by constantly having to change cover and fight them off. My suggestion for this would be to add some sort of batter that generates shielding for the orb and in order to inflict damage you have to take them offline. Overall I would just like to see the boss battles a little more dynamic and the AI a little more aggressive. The Jump Ships, there is really no reason to buy them other that to have a cool looking ship in a cut scene. To make this better it would be cool if you added perks to each ship like a ship could start you off with a clip of heavy ammo or give you extra special ammo. Another could start you out with your super ability or could mark points of interest once you first enter the map like the location of loot. Stuff like that. Thirdly what was lacking was the overall customization of my guardian and his weapons. Sure I can equip weapons and armor that I think are cool, but I can't make them my own and really personalize it reflect me. This is a super minor change that I'm sure you guys can maybe fit into the game before launch and that is custom colors for weapons and armor. That's one thing that was so awesome about Halo was customizing my spartan. So custom colors would make the game that much better. Also customizing your character after creating him/her. I gave my guardian a stupid looking hair cut and was embarrassed every time I went to the tower. :p ADD SOME FACIAL HAIR AS WELL! please. I hope you have the time to read this and take into consideration my suggestions. Thank you. :)

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