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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny.

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Regarding Tactics and Convenience:

I have been absolutely taken away by the brilliant atmosphere and construction of Destiny. I love the camaraderie that develops between three players on a strike mission. I think it's from speaking through our actions. It builds the kind of respect and trust between allies that puts aside differences and heightens awareness of each other. I love that, and I only want to enhance that experience without changing its nature. Basic font ideas I think would appeal to some players. [i]Italic font ideas I think would appeal to most players.[/i] [b]Bold font ideas I think would practical significance.[/b] - [i][b]I think the death of a squadmate needs a bit more emphasis.[spoiler]In The Devils’ Lair, it was fairly common for a teammate to fall outside anyone's visual range; about fifteen percent of the time, the guy in front won't realize what happened before either the respawn timer or his HP hits zero. I think groups could benefit from a brief, half-second, heads-up with their distance from the member’s Ghost.[/b][/i][/spoiler] - [i][b]Like anyone else, I’ve had my fair share of risky gambits.[spoiler]The kind where you die, and immediately start praying that no one tries to revive you. We’ve all had those times, and we’ve all seen a teammate die trying. I would really like a button, any button at all, that tells my team to hold their ground until I respawn. That would help a lot.[/b][/i][/spoiler] - [b][i]A distinct set of combat "emotes" would make communication much easier.[spoiler]What I have in mind is a support system with three or four signals: defend, assault, regroup, and perhaps follow/self-action. Targeting the commands to specific areas, teammates, or enemies could be handled by clicking the right-thumbstick. The cooperative nature of Destiny in PvE, and even PvP, makes communicating effectively an essential part of the game's atmosphere.[/i][/b][/spoiler] - [b][i]We absolutely need a directional roll.[spoiler]Both Star Wars: Battlefront games had this, and Halo 4 ventured towards it with the Thruster Pack. It adds magnitudes of depth to combat in a naturally intuitive way. I think pivot and cover systems are worth considering as well, but are definitely not necessary.[/i][/b][/spoiler] - [i]Character creation could benefit from greater perspective control.[spoiler]An example layout I have considered would add... LT/RT: Zoom In/Out LB/RB: Mirror/Compare Feature X/Y: Increase/Decrease Lighting LB+RB: Compare Saved RS X/Y: Rotate/Scroll L3+R3: Save Current I've spoken to other beta testers and they all agree that these controls provide all the features of an ideal a character design interface as intuitively as possible.[/i][/spoiler] - Although it is a little late in the game, so to speak, another voice option or two for our characters would be fantastic.[spoiler]I've heard some support for a female Ghost voice, but if you ask me, the only one who can compete with Dinklebot is Morgan Freeman.[/spoiler] - [i]Helmet toggles would make my Guardian's design feel much more worthwhile.[spoiler]Ideally there'd be individual ones for social, combat, and cinematic environments. It bothers me that these are so simple to distinguish, and yet so often forgotten.[/i][/spoiler] - I remember hearing that "a Guardian's gun is like a knight's sword."[spoiler]Naming our weapons and armor would be a nice touch that would also help organizing equipment.[/spoiler] - [i]We definitely need some form of cinematic skip.[spoiler]I don't mind if they can't be skipped the first time around, especially (strike) mission briefings, but others probably do.[/i][/spoiler] So those are my suggestions. I welcome everyone to comment on and help refine them.

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