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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
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What Destiny Requires to be a better online game *Teenager Friendly Edition*

This is a revised and shortened down version of my original post regarding the changes I believe are required to make Destiny a better online PVP experience. This is not a coop related topic; I am not interested in discussing coop vs PVP, or anything in relation to how Destiny is not designed to be a competitive shooter because it is. (Note the link at the bottom) In all honesty the online PVP aspect of this game is what will keep it alive in the long term; once a new Borderlands or the next coop grindfest is released these same coop players will be long gone. [u]More Class Distinction[/u] So far the only real meaningful distinctions are the jump style, grenade and the supers. However we have only gotten access to the game up to level 8 which can be achieved in about 2 hours of online play so at this point in time this is not a valid complaint. [u]Problems with supers[/u] As they are, the super functions in a way in which it is essentially a killstreak but without actually having to get any kills to get one. In a fairy tale land where everyone regardless of how good they are should get an equal chance there is no problem with this. However this is an online shooter where there needs to be a distinction between winners and losers. Bad players only improve by losing and adapting and not by getting their hand held, the exact same as any athlete in any sport. I am not asking for a complete transition to killstreaks as I receive massive amount of hate for even suggesting the word killstreak. An improves system to show you when an enemy has a super via radar for example, and perhaps a slowed down rate of super accumulation for dying i.e. bad play would add much needed balance. [u]Weapon Balancing[/u] The Hand Cannon needs some tweaking as almost nobody online actually uses the weapon. As does the Pulse Rifles, they are slow to fire and have insane recoil. The Auto Rifles are insanely powerful at all ranges despite the fact that the gun stats screen states that it should have a very poor to modest effective range in comparison to say the Scout Rifle. [u] In-air shooting accuracy[/u] This really should be boosted, I am not asking for perfect accuracy but at least make it a viable option. Having this would add much needed variety to the gunplay and would increase the skill cap of the PVP in general. Also considering so much of play is spent in the air it is a little strange that you cannot shoot whilst in the air. [u]Aim assist[/u] The aim assist is mega to the point where it is actually difficult to miss your opponent. I find myself only actually having to do a minor tweak to the aim assist to move my aim from the body to the head. This has been mentioned numerous times in other topics so this is a well-known issue and hopefully Bungie fixes it. [u]Lag[/u] Ever since the Xbox consoles were added to the beta the amount of lag in-game sky-rocketed to unacceptable levels. Hopefully this is just a beta issue and will not be present by release day. [u]Vehicles[/u] The vehicle rant has been removed as we all know Bungie are well aware of this issue and have tweaked this ahead of release day. I await further questions and debates, try not to be too upset by anything mentioned here as everyone has their own opinions and obviously the majority aren’t going to agree with everything I say. Thanks for Reading

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