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Edited by JABBERWOCK xeno: 7/26/2014 8:22:16 PM

Choosing color finish in exo character creation / more color options

When you are choosing your colors when you are creating an exo character, I noticed that the finish of the colored parts differs depending on the selected color and the color/selected part on other parts or the same part. For example, for skin, dark purple has a camo pattern. Black is worn out, but the copper has a very shiny, metallic sheen to it.. if you go to head feature, though, the sheen and finish depends on what feature you choose, and again, every color has a different finish as well, some different from skin. Markings also change finish based on the color, and what color you used for skin. For example, the dark purple marking looks like the same metallic finish as the copper skin tone, but ONLY if used on dark purple or olive or some other dark colors for skin, if used on black, it becomes matte. Can we please have control over this, instead of having it be out of our control and as far as I can tell entirely arbitrary?

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  • Edited by JABBERWOCK xeno: 7/26/2014 8:01:36 PM
    More colors suggestion: I'm a bit dissapointed with our color options. I see even less options then what we had in Reach or Halo 3. For starters. I don't understand why we can't just have full HSV/RGB selection, but few games do it as is so I assume there is some sort of underlying technical limitation there. What I assume to be more feasible and offering a greater level of choice is a system where you select the hue of the color for whatever you are selecting, and then that brings up a 3x3 grid of suboptions, with the X axis being saturation and the Y axis being value, spaced at 33, 66, and 100 saturation and value. 12 base hue options, each 30 values away from each other, allows for all the colors a person typically expects when choosing color. Any less, while still having them being evenly spaced, results in yellow not being present, based on my testing with 10 different hues (each being spaced every 36 values) and 9 different hues (each being spaces every 40 values). There is a 13th base option in gray, since none of the SV options for the other hue's would actually result in white or black or gray, it is necessary to have a separate grayscale option. I made a little mock up of what this would look like by editing a destiny screenshot I found. For the sake of convenience I have all the 3x3 grids visible, even though IMO it makes sense for them to only show up when you select a base hue: I'm aware this system only really works when you are choosing colors for something that can actually be any color, like for exos, or for the markings tabs, or presumably for armor coloration when that can be done in the final game, and for human or awoken skin colors it makes little sense for bright neon green to be an option, so obviously this would only be implemented where appropriate.

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