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PLEASE READ If you (don't) want the beta to transfer

After reading so many threads and comments about the beta transfer controversy I have decided to provide my own two cents on the subject. First and foremost you should NOT expect to have the beta transfer to the full game. If it does then I'll be surprised. So why shouldn't you expect it to? The analogy I like to use is this one: you shouldn't expect a pizza to come out of the ice cream machine. Why? Cause it's an ice cream machine. An ice cream machine dispenses ice cream, not pizzas. In the same way, a beta is used to test certain things to make the game perfect. They use it to see how players play, what they'll do, and how they'll react to certain things. It isn't supposed to be like the final game. This is a good thing because in the end it makes the game better and keeps it from having as many issues as other games in its genre. Just like its a good thing that the pizzas don't come out the ice cream machine, because the ice cream would taste funny. It isn't a headstart either in the sense of getting your character leveled up and prepped for launch day. Think from a developers standpoint. I beat this drum all the time. Do not just see it as an easy thing to do because it looks easy from a gamers view. "This looks very similar to the final game anyway, so the transfer of progress shouldn't be hard at all." It rarely ever works that way. One of the things that have let me mature as a gamer and appreciate video games a lot is the fact that they're very incredibly hard to make. Especially a good one. Top developers in the industry have described it as "making a movie times a million." So with this developers point of view in mind you ask yourself, why would a beta transfer seem unlikely? Well maybe there were certain parameters that were changed before or during the beta. For example: rate of level progression, rate of loot drop, the quality of loot to drop, rates of grenade recharge, the amount of health on certain boss; the list just goes on and on. Also we have to keep in mind the glitches and exploits and bugs, things that could potentially ruin the game, things devs probably would've never noticed had they not conducted a full scale player test. In a way we are a minesweeper, getting rid of most of the flaws the game could have. In short the beta is a game constantly in flux, all dependent on gamer tendencies and habits. Another thing people seem to ignore is just how uneven progress would be from player to player. For example someone who has unlocked all the abilities they possibly could from the beta, (and still be at level 8) can be compared to someone have a higher level who has had the same amount of abilities unlocked. It renders the level almost meaningless if not confusing. The same can be applied to gear. It'd just seem very uneven for a low level player to have better gear than a higher level player. No matter what you did to get that better gear, you would've have leveled up a few times to look the part and reflect that you have put that time and effort. Here is where someone might say "so just give my character the experience I got at level 8" again, devs standpoint. No way they could've been saving all that info. Another thing to note is the fact that this beta was open, meaning anyone with a compatible console could play the game, regardless if you're getting the game or not. Meaning that if the beta were to transfer they'd have to keep all this information even for players who may not get the game at all. I'd assume that they'd want to focus and prioritize the progress of the people who paid money for their game regardless if they played the beta or not. After all, they do all this for the money as they are a business. "So just make the game detect that you played the beta." It may all seem easy but there is almost always a caveat. So what if the player already deleted the saved data? There was no way they could've known it would become important since we were never informed. What if the game was linked to your account and not your console? Then this may be less of a problem but there is still the possibility of incompatibility from one build to the next. In conclusion, just because it is what everyone desires, does not necessarily mean its a good idea. There are many things at play here that we just don't know of. If the beta doesn't transfer then we as gamers should understand. If it does, then we should be that much more appreciative and surprised because it is never that easy. I am primarily a PS gamer and I learned that Bungie is a very talented studio. Playing this beta literally makes me want to get an Xbox One and get the Halo collection, just to see how far they've come as a studio. Bungie did an extraordinary job with providing us with this amazingly entertaining beta that has completely changed me. Before this beta I never paid attention to the game but now it has become my most anticipated game of the year. I know we are all deeply thankful for their work otherwise the community wouldn't be as boiling as it is now. It shows we care, no matter who you are. [b] TL;DR Don't expect it to happen and don't get your hopes up if it doesn't.[/b]

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