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Im Trading in Destiny Because...

Bungie, this is unacceptable! I am trading in Destiny because: 1. The Beta has only like eight hours of gameplay! that is unacceptable for a BETA! 2. The PVP is ridiculous! Interceptors are so overpowered because i never: use my super/grab heavy ammo/too lazy to shoot the driver 3. Shotguns suck! they do no damage except at close range! 4. <insert complaint here> is overpowered! Remove it immediately! 5. Beta progress doesnt carry over to release! 6. Your Ghost is not voiced by Sean Connery and/or Christopher Walken! WTF?! 7. There are four types of Primary weapons, three types of Special weapons, and only two Heavy weapon types?! MAKE IT SYMMETRICAL!!! 8. Hunters need a Buff! I can't kill everyone in the arena at the same time, from anywhere on the map! 9. Everyone thinks Destiny isn't an MMO! what idiots... 10. No killstreaks or perks?! what is this, Halo? we expect better, Trey-ungie. 11. The Titan seriously needs a huge nerf! when I run head on and melee a titan with my hunter and he still kills me. HES SOOOO OP. 12. The graphics are ridiculous! They look like Pac-Man! 13. The Moon has gravity similar to Earth! I demand scientific accuracy in this game about aliens and space magic! 14. The motion tracker is so stupid, how am I supposed to camp??? #SaveTheCampingTrip 15. I don't understand, why do I have to hit my target with the sniper rifle to get a kill!? It makes no sense!!!! 16. Your K/D ratio is represented in numbers!!! WTF bungie?!?! It's annoying because it's not an accurate representation of the level of fun being had. K/D should be represented in colors and/or shapes. Or silly noises. 17. OMG the music is so terrible! They should fire that guy, Marty O'something... the soundtrack is going to be so mind-crushing I wont be able to stand playing the game. So why waste my time. 18. The turret can't move, I mean why not? It's the best vehicle in the game! :'( 19. People don't start with the same weapons, it breaks the game balance! Why Bungie are you ruining PVP? 20. BUNGIE I HATE YOU!!! I didn't get a legendary hand cannon from the Iron Banner, even though i can't use it! MY LIFE IS RUINED!!!!!!1!1!1111ONE 21. There are space guns and violence and killing with space magic. Having this in a video game promotes violence and would make me kill with space magic. This has been brought to your by the Video Games as Scapegoats Association. (VGSA). Have a nice day. 22. I can't explore every 196,939,900 square miles of the Earth??? THE GAME HAS NO CONTENT WHATSOEVER!!! 23. OMFG R U SRS bungie?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Fall damage is sooooooooooooooooooooo overpowered!!! when you fall into the sea or something it wtf pwns you in one shot!!! #NeedNerf 24. Bungie this story makes no sense, why don't you give the entire story in the Beta, so I can know exactly whats going on before the full game comes out? 25. I have read none of the updates or informative posts about Destiny, but I know everything, so this game sucks balls. 26. The beta is sooooooooooooooo buggy! i tried to logon today and it said that the beta is over! Fix this immediately, Bungie! #BrokenBeta 27. There aren't any options for beards! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! I AM BOYCOTTING DENSITY!!! #RoboBeards 28. sub-1080p? 30fps? BULLCRAP!!! If a game isn't 1800p 120fps then it isn't a game at all! screw this man i'm waiting for a PC release... #PCGamingMasterRace 29. (this one is kinda long so i put in it a spoiler:)[spoiler]Psh, I have a modest proposal...I want to log in on Sept 9th and have all three of my characters at level 20, in full epics, with a added scope that one shot kills anything from other players to spider tanks. I want a grenade I throw and hones in on the closest target, even if their on the closest guy is on the complete other side of the map. I want a sparrow that looks like a 68 Camaro, with dual machine guns on the front with infinite ammo. Also on release day, it's only fair I can port straight to the last boss and save time with the inevitable. My armour should make me look like Gene Simmons from kiss, my throwing knife is instead a laser guided missile flying out at high speed. To be honestly logical, seeing as I preordered, I shouldn't have to buy any items whatsoever. A copy of every epic should be in my vault upon login, and lastly I should receive a personal invitation from Bruce Willis to be on my fireteam, if not Sylvester Stallone as well. All of this better take place or I'm cancelling my preorder as it will be undeniable evidence that Bungie doesn't like me & is working with the government against me, cause I'm a boss they can't keep a handle on. Just ask my mom when she's done fixing my underwear.[/spoiler] 30. I can't dual wield, I can't camp, and this isn't call of duty. I hate it. Everything is OP, I die, everyone needs to be nerfed, I needed to be OP to enjoy this game. 31. The finished product actually costs money!!! What the hell? just make it a free2play, OOOOH WAIT EVEN BETTER make it a free2play and put in an ability to kill everything instantly! i would pay for that! #MicrotransactionHeaven 32. BUNGIE, WHAT GIVES? With no trade system, I can't buy epics with my mom's credit card online! How am I suppose to get better gear if I can't buy it. This game is downright broken! HOW DARE YOU CALL THIS GAME A TRUE MMO!!! 33. Wait, SAAAAAAAAAAAY WUUUUUUUUUUUT?! NO RAID MATCHMAKING?! GOD DAMNIT BUNGIE Y U RUIN MY LIFE! I HAVE NO FRIENDS I NEED MATCHMAKING IN ORDER TO BROWSE TEH INTERNUTZ!!! I WONT BE ABLE TO TROLL PPL ANYMOAR *sobs* 34. Woo Hoo! only six weeks until i can hop on Destiny and troll people and spam the chat! lets check the news... *sees chat is restricted to fireteams* wha... NOOOOOOOOO FUUUUUUUUUUUUU DESTINY IS THE WORST GAME EVER U CANT EVEN TROLL TEH INTERNUTZ WHYYYYYYYYYYYY BUNGIE U MAKE MY LIFE A LIVING HELLLLLLLLLLLL 35. Bungie, why does my throwing dagger not kill other players in the crucible? The game mechanics are too difficult if I have to mix melee with shooting & specials. One special, one button, one shot or else one preorder cancelled. #WayTooGoddamnComplicated 36. Bungie, what the shit!? How am I suppose to pick up chicks if I can't join a voiceover channel or chatroom? I've used every other online game to flip tricks n' I can't get my swagga on with your jacked up merchandise. 37. WAAAH! Bungie you betrayed us! The xbox community has been your loyal supporters forever!!! *shuffling is heard in the background* Huh? Playstation never got a Bungie game? Who cares! and shut up steve! im trying to vent my frustrations on right now! *more shuffling* where was I? oh right, FUK U BUNGIE!!! HOW COULD YOU SIGN A DEAL WITH SONY! *mumbling is heard* whats that? Activision controls Bungie now? STOP BULLSHITTING ME STEVE!!! *steve mumbles swear words under his breath* Alright, where was I? oh yeah. BUNGIE YOU BETRAYED EVERYTHING THAT YOU USED TO STAND FOR! A studio like Activsion would never do this! Call of Duty has ALWAYS been true to the #XboxConsoleMasterRace!!! 38. Cancelling my preorder cause I can't play on Uranus. In order for us to play as the mature adults we are, we should be able to reach all expanses of the solar system, including having my fireteam rampage across Uranus. Think of what we'd lose if we miss this critical part of the gaming experience. There'd be no raiding Uranus, no strike on Uranus, not even being able explore Uranus. C'mon Bungie, grow up & give us Uranus. 39. No private PVP matches? HOLY SHIT BUNGIE DAFUQ?!?!? How am I supposed to prove I am better than Steve if I can't beat him IN A VIDEOGAME?!?!?! *Steve hears crying sounds* 40. That thread on, the one by NotSoLoneWolf, about why he thinks Destiny sucks, is SOOOOOO AEWSIM POSSSIM, I totally agree with him, it's also hilarious how people think he is joking! Idiots. [u][b]AND NOW FOR MY ACTUAL OPINION:[/b][/u] [i][b]The community complains about EVERYTHING! THE WOLF SASH IS LOCKED BEHIND PVP?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Bungie, RELEASE THE GURD DERM SOUNDTRACK ALREADY I WANT IT SO BAD[/b][/i] So why are YOU trading in Destiny? Tell me more valid* complaints in the comments and i will post them up here! *by valid, i mean totally bogus and/or hilarious.

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