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PVP - Warlock POV

Many battles later, having stacked up just over 3000 kills, I'd like to share what I learned from my Warlock experience. I'll try to keep it short! 😃 This post only applies to the level cap and available skills during the beta. First there are some class briefings, followed by how useful I found the Warlock load outs. [b]Easiest[/b] - Warlocks. Low armour and a slow jumping skill. Squishy against most weapons. Very strong grenades and a medium ranged melee attack. Nova Bomb was hard to counter, with warlocks gaining a moderate boost to armour. [b]Moderate[/b] - Hunters. Fast paced, knife throwing enemy with a swift double jump who were hard to hit. Decent grenade damage. Longest ranged super but gaining zero armour. [b]Hardest[/b] - Titans. High armoured tough sons of bitches with high damage fisticuff straight to your face. Moderate grenade damage. Moderate jump distance and speed. Close quarter super with big damage and high armour gain. [b]Nova Bomb[/b] - I missed around 1/4 of all Nova Bombs I shot. The main reasons being slow velocity at longer ranges, and an animation that would lift me off target. I would not recommend shooting it in isolated areas or small rooms, at risk of greatly missing by hitting a roof or doorframe (which is embarrassing...). Outdoors it is a great free 1 shot rocket launcher which destroys all vehicles. On Venus, I was able to get a 5 kill nova bomb by jumping around a large boulder whilst the enemy team were getting flag C. [b]Glide Jump[/b] - Though the slowest jump, it was also the farthest reaching jump. Gaining a strategic advantage around the terrain I often found I would catch enemies off guard. I used this in tight spaces, gliding around tight gaps in rocks and over enemy heads to try and confuse their mini-map tracking. I often grew envious of the hunters double jump. [b]Vortex vs Scatter Grenade[/b] - Scatter grenades worked very well 1 on 1, usually leaving opponents with around 20% HP and a fast detonation. But Vortex grenades proved superior, lasting around 8 seconds with the right chosen skills. Able to block off corridors or whole rooms, with a killing time of around 2-3 seconds. Enemies sitting in turrets or in vehicles were great targets for this grenade. Many post mortem medals were won with this equipped. [b]Sniper vs Shotgun[/b] - I used both thoroughly and at times I wish I had both equipped. Even though the shotgun was the only weapon to put titans down quickly, I favoured the sniper rifle. With low armour and slow jump speed, the shotgun was not ideal. Hunters and titans were far more successful with it than I was. With the sniper rifle I was able to move easily over obstacles with a long ranged jump and clear 3 to 4 targets from a flag in a few seconds, and I even managed a few double kills with a single bullet. [b]Melee[/b] - 2 hits kills an opponent and you have a 5 yard range on it! The Warlock melee attacks are extremely useful, and I would usually win melee fights just by out ranging the other classes. [b]Recovery[/b] - Warlocks aren't tanks, and rushing straight in will get you killed. Recovery starts at around the 3 second mark, so hide and start the fight again. This may be one of most overlooked advantages of a warlock and I racked up many kills after I started utilising the timer properly. [b]Weaknesses[/b] - Hunters throwing knife is great, those who did use it would usually kill me. Shotguns and fusion rifles had great success against me if I was foolish enough to jump. I was like a free kill floating 5 mph upwards. Titans FOH killed me every time. There was no way for me to escape with such a slow jump. Avoiding close quarter battles against titans is smart. The most kills I had on one map was 45 with a 10,000 score. This is just my experience and POV with my Warlock during the beta crucible. [b][i]How did you[/i][/b] Titans and Hunters fair in the crucible?

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