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7/28/2014 2:05:10 AM

beta is over, what should change?

Well the beta is over i thought lets make a thread what isn't working. (everything thats not working in my eyes is an opinion off course) let me start: PVP -People leaving as soon as the team is losing too much. solutions: -harder penalty for leaving (maybe even make them not able to join another game for x minutes if you leave x games in a row) -or in my mind a better solution give players who end up in top of the losing team the same reward as the winning team of some sorts -Lagg kills solution: -I have no idea how to solve it something bungie has to figure out. -Random rewards at end of the game match Solution: -no random rewards or at least give top players always a reward so people will actually try to be the best of the match. Its really stupid to see a player win an item who has no kills no caps no nothing... PVE The first Fallen boss encounter: - you can hide in the back and not a single enemy will come into that room? Solution: -They need to improve pathing and ai of the mobs in that encounter to make it more challenging it almost feel like cheating when playing against that boss. spider boss way to stationary. Solution: -Make him more dynamic now its just shooting waiting for him to die. I really do not see a challenge in him? (this is an opinion but he is really way too easy). -Explorer mode missions going from 1 area mission to another and then getting the same one again having to go to the other side again and sometimes when you have bad luck it happens like 4-5 times in a row. Solution: -Maybe i missed it but canceling a mission -Make the mission not so random so you actually explore a bit by going from one mission to the other or something. Well right now i cannot think of much else as they will change the tank and vehicles on the moon Like i said on the start this an opinion of mine and maybe you guys share it too or have more things they should consider changing

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