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7/27/2014 9:59:46 PM

Scout rifle - Hand cannon are underpowered

As a big fan of precision shooting, i am very disappointed with handguns and Scout rifles in destiny. After experimenting with the Handcannon and Scout rifle, it's clear players who choose to use these weapons will be at a huge disadvantage - and here's why! Scout rifle: (Usefull for skilled players only) 1) Even on the highest sensitivity - the controls feel very stiff, making it difficult for average players to pull off a multiple headshots on moving targets in quick sucession. 2) A headshot from a Scout rile does roughly 3x more damage than a assult rifle (on your typical mob grunt) - this may sound like a big difference but considering Auto rifles can have a fire rate upto 4x faster and carry 4x as much ammo - there are limited occasions were a scout rifle can outgun auto rifle. Hand cannon: 1) one point to make - Pontless to have in the game. Hand cannons do roughly the same amount of damage as a scout rifle, but carry 1/3 of the ammo and has a fire rate so slow that im convinced my enemies die from old age. Oh and forget reloding - it makes more sense to throw your gun away and find a new one.... and thats if you decided to use it. I do feel the developers of destiny have reduced the power of handguns to boost the viability of using Hunter's special cannon - which i might add, is very useful. Posible ways to improve handcannons's in destiny: (Only one should be applied) 1) 3 seconds of invisibility when handcannon crit kills 2)very fast fire rate & relode rate. 3) 1 shot kill with headshots - (On enemies no more that 1 level above character) 4)Charge ability - consumes 5 bulets - 1 shot kill 5) x0.5 damage multiplyer for each headshots (stacks 5 times - end if Guardian misses a shot with the handcannon - body shot counts as hit but does not add multiplyer) What do you guys think?

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