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Destiny's Interesting Background Dialogue

If you approach important NPCs and stand next to them for a while they will give you some juicy bits of script. They may divulge some story clues or explain their faction’s mission. These scripts are taken from the beta. Note, this is not an official script, and I am writing only what I heard. I stayed with each NPC until the dialogue repeated, but the dialogue seems to be random and I may have missed some. The background noise also made some dialogue very muffled. I will be adding to and editing this post as I gather more dialogue. Feel free to suggest corrections, and to speculate on the dialogue's meaning. The Speaker: [spoiler] “It’s good to see you are still safe –class-“ “So little time to waste guardian” “Perhaps all you’ve seen is too much (unheard) you can overcome it” “Something powerful is down there, I can feel it.” “I thought… no… NO!” “Perhaps now the voice (void?) can be destroyed” “Not light… but not darkness… something else?” “If only the Nine would help” “We cannot give up hope” “Even if an ember still burns, it can be stoked” “Silence… still… *sigh*” “There must be a way to find it and bring it back” “*humming*” “But we are stronger now” “If they find it, can they contain it?” “Now… or each one of them is guilty” “It’s no time for questions, we must be bold!” "She is powerful, but not 'invincible'." "She is a fool if she thinks she can control me." [/spoiler] Executor Hideo (New Monarchy) [spoiler]“That innocent scholar act? The Cryptarchs are more of a player than they pretend” “They act like their just preparing for war, but their up to something” “I don’t even want to talk about the war cult… bunch of freaks” “We’ve rebuilt the golden age before, we can do it again. Right here, right now.” “I don’t get the FWC, life sucks, boohoo. Nothing we can do about it” “I don’t get those war cult freaks. What are they even talking about?” “Maybe we should just let them go. The city is better off without them” “If the speaker won’t take charge of the consensus, then we’ll have to do it ourselves” “If Sevalla would help us, I’d put him on a throne. But he won’t” “The city looks bright from up here” “The FWC… all secrets and nonsense” “Dead Orbit, their low-grade people. Want to cut and run. No backbone.” “I told the speaker, we NEED leadership! And… I don’t know, is he even human?” “I like Shax, he doesn’t mess around.” “The city is my home, their asking me to give up on it. I won’t!” “Another!? What do you mean!? Dead Orbit secured another area!? How can that be?” “You’ve got to look at all the alternatives, not flinch. Do what has to be done.” “Fallen howling at the walls, factions at each other’s throats. It can’t go on like this” “I grew up hungry; no one should have to do that. No one will. Not when we’re running things” “someone strong, but who will listen and do… for the good of the city, of course” [/spoiler] Arach Jalaal (Dead Orbit) [spoiler]“Children can serve dead orbit to. You see, little bodies can crawl in where others can’t” “Dead Orbit is not known for being patient” “The Speaker knows the darkness comes, yet the traveler doesn’t stir” “What good will our possessions do when the darkness returns?” “I dreamed of the darkness, swallowing the lights of the city. Block by block.” “What good will the traveler do when the darkness comes. It’s been silent to long” “I told them, consensus can’t hold. They laughed at me” “The traveler has given all it can. Humanity’s future is in our hands” “Earth has had its time. Mourn it, but don’t die with it” “I pleaded with the commander. He turned his back on me, so we must do this ourselves.” “One by one the stars will go dark, we must outrun this unstoppable –“ “The executor mock us! We’ll see how the ridiculous – fare when the darkness comes” “We too are waiting for the rise, join us guardian” “The new monarchy offers false hope. No king or queen can stand against the darkness” “Oh it’s the children I can’t bear to think of… think of their eyes when the darkness comes” “ --- I don’t care what the law says! Take what we need” “a whole golden age shipyard, crawling with fallen” “darkness spreads across the sky, there is light… somewhere” [/spoiler] Lakshmi-2 (Future War Cult) [spoiler] She was especially hard to hear because of her soft voice and the noise of the hangar. “Still waiting” “We always welcome more ears” “She will find it guardian… and when she does… we’ll be there” “What if there were a single timeline untouched by war? Would you have any idea how to live in it?” “Another war story? Well, I could tell you about the night the darkness –unheard-“ “Even the stars struggle, from the –unheard- new timelines are born” “What if you could learn to love your fate?” “An infinity of timelines. If one timeline in a trillion knows peace, how could you ever hope to find it?” “The ancients have a timekeeping device called an hour glass. You could turn it and turn it, but there would never be anything in it but dust” “What if, on some dreadful night, the darkness were to come creeping up to you and whisper, “this war is all there is for you”. Could you laugh and say, “Bring it on!” “Talk to dead orbit if you want to escape, I offer something better” “The inner circle has its secrets… maybe in time” “A trillion timelines all in war –unheard- like flowers growing in a black garden” “We keep our mysteries close. Take them from us, if you can.” “Dead Orbit just misdiagnosed the problem. It’s not a matter of distance, but of time” “What do I think of the new monarchy? *laughs* I don’t, really.” “War is our fate. Can you learn to love it?” “Another war story? I could tell you about –unheard- and the hive.” “Brothers and sisters, what good does it do to mourn?” "Don't think I'm going to give up our secrets because you keep staring at me" "back to the struggle!" "Another war story? I was there when the Fallen burned down London" [/spoiler] Amanda Holliday (Shipwright) [spoiler]“You talk about as much as the pit machines” “Someone must have flown too close to the darkness –unheard-“ “You need a ship; you’re in the right place” “Need help making up your mind?” “Sorry, did you say something?” “Ready when you are” “Whenever you’re ready… really, anytime now” “Looking for something new?” “Any word from –unheard-“ “Know why that baby died in orbit? Someone tried scooping up their own NLS drive” “Do you see what you came for?” "hey hey, hunter" "There's a -unheard- sitting on the -unheard-, sorry if my fuse is short" "Where are you going / how's it going tonight?" "Take care, guardian" "Need a kit?" "Whenever your ready *coughs* anytime now" "Look, I told Dead Orbit, there's no way." "hey hey" "how can we help" "good luck out there" [/spoiler] Overhead Voice (Hangar) [spoiler]“Oh its you, USS Crowe, thanks for discovering venus!” “All fireteams have your ship inspected for radiation and -unheard- before interplanetary flight” “Amanda Holiday, your latest import is waiting in the loading area” “Inbound –unheard- your ID is not recognized” “Maintain your interplanetary craft with the help of the tower’s shipwrights” “Outbound FWC Hawk, you are clear for launch. Good luck” “Notice, the tower’s shipwright is now servicing all craft types” “Notice, all scrap should be delivered to the lower level –unheard-“ “inbound Kestrel to bay 2, welcome home” “Arach Jalaal, the ship that you requested is in the loading bay” [/spoiler] Eva Levante (Guardian Outfitter) [spoiler]“I can’t even get a 64-20” “Deep breaths, deep breaths” “You did this before, you can do it again” “I need fabrics, I need shaders, I need patterns” “*cough*” “*whistle*” “*humming*” “*more humming*” “*lots of humming*” “Guardian, oh, I never know quite what to say” “I can’t quite get used to guardians walking around, as if their just ordinary people” “Any questions?” “Okay, silence –unheard- a mysterious quality. I can work with that” “Guardian I can help you, I can absolutely help you” “Tell the other guardians” “hello, hello, please come in” “what can Eva do for you hunter” “Guardian?” “Look, I mean, aren’t we all rebuilding? Humanity? In a way? When you think about it?” “I need prison colors, holos, welders, a working injection press” “Hmmm, sort of… rough” “Okay, back to work” “Anytime…” “You’re considering it” “I have ideas already!” “Come back soon” “So long, guardian” “*clears throat*” “*can I help*” “A bot, I need a bot! How am I supposed to function without one” [/spoiler] Tess Everis (Special Orders) [spoiler]“Hmmm” “Hm, well, what the tower wants, I guess it gets” “Hm, that’s weird” “That’s new” “*laughs* yes?” “Sometimes guardians just end up on the list, sometimes its like the tower wants them to have something” “Interesting” “That won’t be easy” “Do you… have something to say to me?” “*sigh* the commanders on the –unheard-“ “Oh, that’ll be interesting” “I can do that” “Yes?” “Listen guardian, I can’t tell you how to get on the list. I’m not even sure how it works myself” “Checking my list?” “Welcome to special requisitions” “Bye, guardian” "And...?" "You want to know what I do for the tower? I take care of things, 'all kinds' of things" :} "Let's see if Cayde left anything for you..." [/spoiler] Kadi 55-30 (Postmaster) [spoiler]"Package for -class-, stop floating. Bad package!"[/spoiler] Thanks to: That Halo Dude VorTeX7756 APathwayThrough InfiniteBlackAce For the suggestions.

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