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Theorycraft: The Role of The Seven Seraphs, The mysterious hunter and the Awoken.

Ok. So ive read alot of theories about who mysterious hunter is (see this link for one example: [url][/url] ) and ever since seeing the return of the mysterious hunter on the moon compiled with the discovery of the RAS2 bunker in Seraphim Vault and the intel we already had from bungie about Charlemagne's vault, it got me thinking about the role of the seven seraphs and how they could be linked. I dont see it as a large jump to suggest that maybe the seven seraphs are a faction dedicated to the protection of the warminds in each of there vaults. Then maybe, the mysterious hunter is a member of that faction and is watching our progress as a talent scout if you will. Which brings me to my next tie in. During the E3 trailer we see a short segemnet with her with basically saying that we had been able to do things that other guardians had not and not to let someone/somthing find us. Which takes me to my thoughts on the awoken. During the e3 trailer from the cutscene at the end [url][/url] which starts around 6:26, we see awoken saying to the guardian (and im paraphrasing here) that the gaurdian owes them. Not only that, but if you watch closely, youll notice that the woman is guarded by fallen bearing the same colours as the unknown faction on the moon and also on her throne bears the same crest as the one you see as you enter a part of hellmouth. All this leads me to believe that maybe this fallen faction is in league with these awoken and either the awoken or this fallen faction has gone rogue from there cause. Also, the fact she says that the guardian owes them, leads me to believe that maybe they come to rescue us from somewthing at some point... or maybe possibly that our ghost was once linked to one of them, and since they went rogue, enabling it to reselect another guardian for reserection, makes them believe that we owe them our lives. Either way, it all remains fascinating. Given by what the mysterious hunter told us before, maybe she knows that some guardians have turned to the darkness and these awoken are Fallen guardians (if you will) and its what she was warning us about. What are your thoughts on this?

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