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Bohemian Destiny

[Edit: read all the way to the bottom] Is this the real life? Is this just Destiny? Caught in this shitslide, Cant wait to get back reality. Open your eyes, Look up to the skies and see, I'm just a Hunter, I need some sympathy, Because I'm easy kill, easy? No! Little amour, really blows, Anywhere the Rockets go really really matters to me, to me. Mama, just killed an exo, Put a gun—wait fu{k I missed, Pulled his trigger, now im pissed. Mama, I had just respawned, But now my team has thrown it all away. Mama, ooh, Didn't mean for me to die, The interceptor is just really fu{kin powerful, Carry on, carry on cause the beta doesn’t matter. Its too late, they got both tanks, now my kdr is .0005, Body's aching all the time. Goodbye, everybody, This game is shit, Gonna leave you all behind and say the truth. Mama, ooh (anywhere the bullets go), I hate this fu{kin game, I sometimes wish I'd never preordered at all. I see a little silhouetto of a hunter, holy shit, holy shit, will you fix the fu{kin app please? void grenades and arc light, really bad gun sights, DEATH. (really shitty) oh yah its shitty. (fu{kin shitty) yup its shitty, Bungie please go back to Halo. I'm just a hunter, everybody hates me. fu{k hes a hunter, lets all hate him, please nerf his super cause its really OP. I have an opinion that I think that should post Hell No! No, we will not let you post. (Let him post!) Hell No! We will not let you Post. (Let him post!) Hell No! We will not let you Post. (Let me Post!) Will not let you Post. (Let me Post!) Never, never let you Post Never let me Post, oh. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Oh, all you trolls, all you trolls (all you trolls please let me post.) Bungie, told me to share my opinion! And my Thoughts, my thoughts! So you think you can diss Sony and make me cry? So you think you can bash my Xbox and tell me to die? Oh, babies, they’re all really babies These fu{kin console wars, just gotta get right outta here. (Oh, yeah, oh yeah) Destiny really sucks, All gamers can see, It really fu{kin sucks, Don’t you see?. [b]I in NO way actually think these things![/b] I am just voicing all the stupid crap people have been dumping all over these forums. Please have a little kindness people, and have some humor and finesse. I [b]love[/b] bungie and their new game. Keep it up guys! [Song and original lyrics by Queen]

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