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7/26/2014 4:11:10 PM

Starting Full Clan for Destiny

Aesthetics matter. Yo, welcome to the premier clan of looking OG as Fu** lmao, Basically ive Ran guilds in MMO's like WoW and stuff before and i think it'd be cool to create a clean and yet simple clan that consists of chill and laid-back players that are just looking to enjoy the game and have fun but can also lead the way in becoming one of the top clans in Destiny. This is a co-op game, and this is a co-op clan.. Together we will create something amazing! Im looking for typically more experienced players just so to keep the clan sort of a "special" thing to be a part of. Meaning getting into Aspect will be uncommon as well as an achievement. This doesn't mean beginning players can't join though, just put in some game time and show us what you got. With requests i or other members will check your stats and characters just to see how much you've been playing and checkout some of your accomplishments :) We will create strong multiplayer groups as well as making strong teams for strike missions and raids and have weekly clan events for fun and as well as whole lobby parties in the tower to show off new armor and such or just to hangout! ;D Playing games like these i have always felt a strong commitment to earning things that were rare and unique, in this clan.. the purpose is too Stand Out and be acknowledged as one of the top. *If you fear i may not have what it takes to run a clan of this level, i welcome you to inspect my characters and their stats and play time as well as asking any questions about the clan or if you just simply doubt me* :) *All questions welcome* *Also talking about making videos with the clan in destiny to upload to my Youtube account and possibly our own channel for the clan in the near future* Anyways thanks for reading everyone, Destiny looks amazing and i feel adamant about the possibilities, i hope to see you starside! - Jake (aka: By Kittens) on Xbox

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